[students’ journal] Beatriz Chavez: “Italy was the best option for me”

29 August 2017

My name is Beatriz Chavez Troncoso and I’m from Mexico. I am a student at the Global MBA program in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods.

My five-year experience as a marketing professional has been extremely rewarding and productive. However, I strongly believe that marketing is a discipline that will force me to view not only from an insider, local standpoint but also from an international external view, considering best practices and “think out of the box” point of views. Those were my thoughts when I decided to attend an MBA outside of my country and thought that Italy was the best option for me.

In my internet search for an Italian Institution who can provide me with the solid knowledge and experience in this new step of my professional career I found Bologna Business School. I patiently read all the programs, especially Fashion and Luxury Goods program and finally decided to enrol in this prestigious university.

Challenging – this is how I can define this year in Bologna. The year of big changes in my life: restarting an academic period was not easy after having graduated a few years ago. Nevertheless, it’s a rich city historically and culturally, where I found something new to see or to do every single day. The advantage of a city like Bologna is the multicultural focus: here you always will find people from all over the world who will help you understanding cultural differences and growing in a personal way.

The main positive element of being a BBS student is all the different experiences that you have opportunity to acquire: visit different companies, listen to important public authorities, share room with international professors and get access to the best network in Italy. Bologna Business School of course contributed in more than one way in my life, from my hard skills like finance, management and international approach to my soft skills thanks to an international environment, which helps me understand different and extraordinary cultures.


Beatriz Chavez Troncoso – Mexico
Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods – Class of 2016/2017


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