[students’ journal] April 2016

1 April 2016

What is it like to be a student at BBS? Here is where they have their say on campus life, tips of Bologna, and much more. Written by and for the Students.

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Global MBA. A journey of a Lifetime.

The ground-breaking Global MBA at Bologna Business School is one of a kind in world. It provides amazing flexibility to choose a specialized concentration and thus leverage past experience to rise higher in a short yet intense period of just one year.  After gaining 16 years of diverse international experience spanning from petroleum to renewable energy, I decided to join GMBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses to realize my vision of finding sustainable energy solutions for future generations. The MBA admission team at BBS is truly wonderful. They provided me immense guidance to complete entire application process, arrange necessary documents and throughout the visa process. Even though I was in India, I felt like a part of great BBS family. I believe that I could join such diverse global MBA class due to never-ending support of great MBA admission team. My MBA dream would not have been realized without financial support. The BBS is the only MBA to provide 100 % financial support to deserving students. I was fortunate to get 99 % marks during admission process and thus secure 100 % scholarship. Further, the BBS also provided support for one year living expenses. It was like a dream come true and I decided to join unique Global MBA program. I believe the full immersion at Bologna Business School will be a transformational year for looking at things differently and redefine my perspective about personal and professional life to realize my true potential. Like every true awakening, I’m sure this will last for a lifetime.
Hemant Kumar Singh
Hemant Kumar Singh
Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses, 2015-2016

Are you happy?


Suddenly the clouds block it out, it is the dullest moment on earth, too much that I feel color-blind and uncomfortable. My heart is beating wildly. My arms and legs are shaking. I could not walk. Nothing but lifeless exists. I collapse. My flat-mate friend is trying all she can to bring me alive with “Friends” series and my favorite Youtube drum performances. I have one soup in front of me, the kind of soup my mom likes to make because it’s easy and I used to complain for her “laziness”. I miss her. I miss my dad, I miss their arguments. I miss my sisters, everyone and many beautiful things I have left aside in Vietnam…to come here. I know that I am homesick and all of me is resisting to the changes of a new place.

It has been two months started the first day in the school and unlike the first times I met my colleague friends, the atmosphere now becomes tenser, heavier and saltier, the reasons could be that we have been hit hard by the mid-term exams, love-homesick or both. When I ask “How are you?” and “I am good” doesn’t seem as its meaning with the betrayal eyes. Environment is doomy, just like the winter is approaching, just as one of my colleagues round shining eyes, now they turn into sad ones. She misses her little family, I give her hugs but she needs bigger ones…from her family. Things go on and many of us feel of missing our roles at home while being in another place, passing each distant day a father is afraid that his baby grows up without him and worse gets used to his absence, that a mother whose role at home is irreplaceable shrinks her heart a little more for being unable to nurture her family, some feel of what can happen anytime between now and to the promising beautiful future with the others. Here how much worries and efforts, there how much waiting and expectation.

Please don’t let me mislead you and ask me why is that? It’s we are sympathetic, still we are young and we are a strong team full of desire, passion for our dreams ahead. But ask Isn’t it beautiful? Bunches of great stories, desire and passion from thousand experiences of 73 people in more than 31 corners of the world to learn, to understand and to feel more how life is meant to be. As a Chinese Vietnamese, I do believe in the random Arrangement, the Destiny between the people to come across. Apparently we choose to be here but how many probabilities for me to meet you in billions of variable…as you know time flies and it is impossible we demand time a rerun.  Let’s study hard, play hard, together longer than the course and for now, live in the present of life and make this BBS year productive and unforgettable.

For me, despite little shock above mentioned, I am happy with my choice! After few years hard-working and enjoyable, I am ready to kick off my dream pended in college years, and astonishing some people I have decided to resign as the Director of an Italian production unit leading in technical bags and cases and to change a little bit the air satisfying my passionate curiosity of personal growth, in a bigger world than my comfort zone, from a small river to the grand ocean of knowledge, since I am free, young, healthy. I think life is highly valued from relationship with another people in cares and loves, starting from the first moment on earth to the end and life is simple, without regrets, when we can do what we want. I cannot be more grateful for everything I got. I love where I am from and the people whom I have been with, in good memories, but now I am also happy being here, with you all!

Tell me, are you happy?



Hue Thuynh

Hue Thuynh
Global MBA China/Far East and Europe Business Relations





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