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26 August 2016

What is it like to be a student at BBS? Here is where they have their say on campus life, tips of Bologna, and much more. Written by and for the Students.

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An outstanding experience from the beginning on

When I decided to do my Master, after completing several internships in the HR department of different companies (among others at Danone), I was sure about two things: my Master should have a complete HR focus and should be abroad, preferable in a warm country. After several hours spent on informing myself about the best fit for me I found the HR & Organization Master at BBS. I was impressed by the wide offer of HR subjects ranging from Strategic Accounting to Global Strategy, up to Knowledge Management & ICT.

Coming to Bologna and BBS was, was from the first day on exciting and there has never been standstill. Starting off with meeting my future classmates coming from 12 different countries, which ended up in great international friendships. Experiencing an intensive Master program together in which exchanging our previous work experiences, cultures and point of views has taught me curiosity, openness and tolerance. For me, these are elements that enriched my experience at BBS, being of great use for my personal life and career as well, which I am planning in to be in an international environment. Coming from a classical German university in which group work and presentation is not yet as important as it is at BBS, this experience has taught me a lot. Not only being aware of my personal strengths and role in a team, but also being able to encourage, lead or support a team to reach its goals. I also enjoyed a lot the company visits, which gave us the chance to get an insight in great companies like Lamborghini and Coesia.

However participating in a Master program at BBS is not only about spending your time in classrooms or on company visits. It is much more: it is about exchanging knowledge while having a delicious Italian cappuccino in one of Bologna’s nice bars or hiking in its hills and visiting its exhibitions. To sum up, for me coming to Bologna and doing the Master in HR and Organization at BBS was a well-rounded overall experience.



Leonie von Petersdorff-Campen
Master in Human Resources & Organization – class 2015/2016


August 19, 2016

Masters in Teamwork

I still remember the very first day of the program, when I met my colleagues at Giardini Margherita and walked together uphill to the Villa. What an amazing walk that was! Once at BBS, while we were still admiring the beautiful art on the ceiling of the classroom, the Director of our program, Prof. Gabriele Morandin asked us to choose a person, share some information about ourselves and then introduce this person to the class. That was the first team presentation. And then came many other real projects with several group meetings and countless nights spent on PowerPoint slides to such an extent that the first thing you do when you turn on your laptop is to click on PowerPoint.

We are 20 students in our class and we come from 12 different countries. I’m very glad to have had this great opportunity of experiencing different cultures, but I would definitely be lying if I say everything was perfect with everyone while working in teams. There were ups and downs, but either way, I have gained a lot.

While working together with different personalities, I have mainly learnt how to deal the similarities and also the differences within the group in order to give our best possible to complete a given project. I believe this is very essential for my future professional life.

Team projects have been very demanding, time consuming and stressful. But above all, they have helped me develop amazing friendships. Friends who treat you like family, which is extremely comforting when you are away from home.

Thank you!
Make the most of your year at BBS.



Abhi Krishna
Master in Human Resources & Organization – class 2015/2016

August 5, 2016

Around the World in 180 days

You know, when BBS asks you to share your experience, there is always the risk to recite the usual nursery rhyme-style “baby-in the-chair-before-the-parents” with harps playing in the background.

Or with a guitar solo.
But I like drums, so this problem does not apply.

When I joined the BBS, I had only one doubt: should I plunge back into the university world that I concluded many years ago? I spent some time abroad, before deciding to come back to Italy, This is becuase usually, at some point, if I get bored, I need to change something and take on new adventures.

First of all, although I am a guy who’s comfortable being by myself, it was a great pleasure to live in an environment of students from all over the world, this is really the main strength of the Bologna Business School, as well as networking. Of course, as in any experience, everything can’t always be perfect, but I would say that in any case the possibilities and the opportunity to have a closer look at the world of business and its professionals, is very important.
I will not write an infinite panegyric, but just yesterday I read a quote from Dostoevsky’s that says as follows:

“Men like to take into account only of their sorrows; and does not mind the good things instead. If you would also them take into account, as you should, then you would see you’ve got everything need to face any fate”.

Six months have passed, and I believe that this experience has been more than useful for a variety of reasons, and I’ll treasure it always.


Luigi Saccomanno – Italy
Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media, class 2015/2016


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