Smart Week on Campus. Inspiration, knowledge, and networking for the Hybrid MBA

16 June 2023

The third edition of the Hybrid MBA at Bologna Business School concluded with a vibrant Smart Week filled with events and initiatives.

Starting Thursday, June 8, Smart Week allowed participants to engage in various activities, including conferences, workshops, company visits, and networking sessions. The goal? To offer them a practical and in-depth experience to consolidate and apply the skills acquired during the Master’s program while connecting with successful companies and professionals.

The week kicked off with a company visit to the Marchesini Group. Participants had the chance to tour the company and then engage with the corporate speech delivered by CEO Pietro Cassani at the Headquarters in Pianoro. Exploring the dynamics of such a high-profile reality, and evaluating its internal processes and approach to various aspects involved in production and management, was a valuable opportunity to carry forward in anticipation of new professional challenges. But the day had more surprises for our participants, as they further delved into business and management topics through a speech by Riccardo Tura, Owner and Marketing Manager of Dorelan, who shared valuable insights and innovative ideas. To conclude the day, a dinner was organized, providing an opportunity to discuss what had been learned, network, and exchange views and opinions.

Friday was equally engaging for the participants, who had the opportunity to put their acquired skills into practice through a hackathon based on a real-life case study. The hackathon promoted collaboration and creativity, challenging participants to solve complex business problems in a stimulating environment. Motivation, inspiration, and another chance to test themselves, once again through a hackathon, characterized the final day of Smart Week. Making Saturday spent together at Villa Guastavillani unforgettable was the closing speech delivered by Riccardo Pittis, a former basketball player, inspirational coach, and motivational speaker. Pittis shared his experience in achieving sporting success. They conveyed to the participants that self-motivation and always finding new sources of inspiration are crucial in pursuing and achieving personal and professional goals.

The farewell moment saw students and faculty ready to carry this experience with them towards a future of commitment and success, with the awareness that BBS is a community that welcomes, supports, and accompanies them over time.


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