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19 March 2015

Ludovica Leone, Global MBA Food and Wine Director, in occasion of the EXPO 2015, makes a plea: Food and farming industry, give more value to women.


“Flexibility, enthusiasm and multitasking are female qualities that are becoming increasingly necessary for managers and entrepreneurs in this field. As stated by Ludovica Leone, Director of the Global MBA in Food and Wine.

For women to work in a Michelin-starred kitchen and to reconcile this with family life and their role as mothers, denotes a complex challenge that many have not yet been able to take on. On the other hand female sensitivity in the kitchen towards products and raw materials has often influenced the workmanship of great male chefs who acknowledge the impact on their palate that their mothers or grandmothers have had. Today, Italy represents an excellence from this point of view. If it is true on the one hand that the percentage of Michelin-starred female chefs is far lower than that of male colleagues (standing at 47 out of 332 in 2015) it is also true that the majority of female Michelin-starred chefs in the world (47 out of 110) are Italian”


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