Sana Intakhab: “My Master in Data Science marks the beginning of a journey that can take me anywhere, towards the future.”

23 January 2019

My name is Sana Intakhab and I am a student of the Masters in Data Science at Bologna Business School. I came from Karachi, Pakistan, ‘a small piece of Heaven in the world‘, enriched with the spices and flavors of our diversified culture, our food and hospitality.

Previously, I earned a degree in Polymer & Petrochemical Engineering as my major, and a diversified experience of 4.5 years in the fields of R&D and Quality and Operations. I decided to pursue my master’s degree in Data Science at BBS in order to enhance my expertise in this domain, as today whatever industry you are working in, the Big Data are the factor that challenge you the most and play a paramount role in all fields. I found the Master at BBS to be a perfect blend of strategical and entrepreneurial didactical approaches, the enhancing taste of the Italian food and culture and the international environment offered by the city of Bologna.

Before making any decision, I usually review all the pros and cons for a long time, but once decided, I launch myself into every new adventure with passion and determination. I can still remember all the emotions of that first day at BBS, when I entered Villa Guastavillani feeling every step prominent to a great change in life. And I can still feel this transformation in process.

Here, I have found a warm welcome from professors and colleagues and a continuous support form the coordinators of the program. The classrooms in which our lessons were held, with their decorated ceilings and frescoes, were stage to demanding lectures that filled our days with a variety of new knowledge to gain.

Everything coming in this new horizon has exceeded my expectations. All the hard work put inside this Master finally paid off: for my Internship, I had the chance to work at SOPAT GmbH, where I still work today, so I moved to Berlin. SOPAT develops and sells a Photo-optical and image-based analysis measurement technology that quantitatively characterizes particulate multi-phase systems. In combination with the hardware, the innovative SOPAT software provides real time analysis of particle size distribution and characteristics. Here, I am implementing practically what I have learned during the year at BBS. The great strategical knowledge, together with the increase of my time management skills and my performance capacity under pressure, make the Master in Data Science the best program to address in a comprehensive way all the spectrum of themes connected to Data Analysis. The Master has definitely enriched my career and spending time in the city of Bologna has given me such a diversified experience, that is just unforgettable.

I enjoyed every single day at BBS. I marked 2018 as one of the most adventurous, thrilling and beautiful years of my life. I heartily thanked everyone for the positive attitude, support and warm gesture. My study in BBS marks the beginning of a journey that can take me anywhere, towards the future.

Looking forward to the Graduation 2019, I truly felt honored to be part of BBS and the University of Bologna.

“Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety; after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.”

Sana Intakhab – Data Scientist and Business Intelligence, SOPAT GmbH

Master in Data Science – Class of 2017/2018


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