Sales management: organizing and managing sales networks. Innovation and new technologies

22 January 2024

In recent years, the world of sales has been deeply influenced by new technologies on marketing, supply chain and management of all company’s commercial activities.

Automated processes, improved productivity and rapid data analysis have enabled the customization of offerings, definitely putting the consumer at the core of the entire process: from product creation to its sale.

AI has also improved the quality of lead management, enabling sellers to identify new customers and better manage leads. The analysis of historical data, the identification of buying behaviors, the automation of follow-up processes and, most importantly, the introduction of chatbots have empowered companies to offer high-quality 24/7 support services without the need for human staff.

Using big Data and predictive analytics, identifying buying patterns and trends, predicting needs, and thus adapting sales strategies are, with the growth of e-commerce and the spread of digital platforms, the building blocks of a revolution that has involved the sales departments of every company in recent years.

Today’s sellers must be able to handle the requirements and opportunities brought by new technologies. It is necessary to stay up-to-date and anticipate potential changes to have a major impact on one’s business.

In this perspective, Bologna Business School offers study paths focused on the latest innovations in the world of sales.
Sales and Marketing Executive Master, and the Open Programs in Sales Management and Trade Management & Sales Management are just some of the BBS programs focused on the development of the sales world.

Customer experience is now at the heart of the sales journey: not goods, but emotions are sold; not products, but experiences. The mix between this renewed focus on the customer and the use of new technologies requires a new professional figure, capable of understanding current dynamics and anticipating new ones; of bringing value through the application of learned techniques and the ability to continue to absorb them.

BBS is, with its international Faculty and powerful network, the right answer to the new needs of business: meetings with executives, company visits and on-campus classes transform knowledge gained in online and in-person training courses into practical, immediately spendable knowledge. Data analysis and machine learning, marketing and sales techniques meet with insights from the management world: interpersonal skills, mentoring paths, and leadership development.

The sales world is at a historic turning point: BBS can offer its students excellent, practical and effective training paths to become the profile that can make a difference in the company.


Learn about BBS Master’s programs with a focus on sales and new technologies:

Sales and Marketing Executive Master

Sales Management Open Program

Trade Management & Sales Management Open Program


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