Roberta Giacomini, Master in Finance, Control and Auditing: “Thanks to BBS I realized my dream of working in one of the big auditing companies”

14 October 2019

My name is Roberta Giacomini and my path has been different from that of my peers. At the end of high school, in fact, I decided to interrupt my studies to start working. After 3 years I felt incomplete and decided to start over.

I chose the economic field because it was the one that fascinated me the most and I enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Commerce of the University of Bologna, Forlì campus.

During the second year of the three-year course, following the course of business auditing, a great passion for auditing was born in me and from that moment my goal was to succeed in entering one of the big 4 of review.

Bologna Business School was my springboard as it allowed the realization of my dream: I managed to enter one of the big of the review.


The Master allowed me to have a more direct contact with the working world, not only thanks to the group work and the companies that actively participated in our classroom program, but also thanks to the Professors, great professionals, who gave us a practical approach to the lessons and that have been able to enhance us in any of our choices.


At the moment I am carrying out my curricular internship at KPMG, one of the big 4 auditing and consultancy specialized in auditing and accounting organization, in management consulting and in fiscal, legal and administrative services. I can say with certainty that the knowledge that BBS has offered me is many and aimed at achieving the objectives. Thanks to this knowledge, I came second in the national selections of KPMG and this goal allowed me to win the “Global Advantage Program” of KPMG, a training course held in Budapest.


What I can say to future students is simply this: take the challenges that this Master will give you, take part actively and do not be afraid of falling, be yourself and collect as much as possible the experiences you will have on this journey, because these will form you, give you value.

Learn to collaborate both among yourselves and with the professors who will guide you and value you in whatever you choose.

Roberta Giacomini – Italy

Master in Finance, Control and Auditing – Class 2018/2019


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