#BBSReunion – Remembering 2010

23 June 2015

Waiting for the 2015 #BBSReunion, we recover some photos from the previous editions.
Reunion 2010, entitled Doing more with less.

The main event of that edition was “The Super Heroes Lessons for New Managers” with Simon J. Philips, former President of Marvel Entertainment International, a meeting to discuss how the company has managed its internationalization through licensing.

The program of the IV Reunion expected ten meetings with headhunters and personnel directors, a workshop on BRICS markets and the increasing opportunity in high technology areas.


01.Reunion-BBS-2010DSC_1586 02.Reunion-BBS-2010DSC_1578 03.Reunion-BBS-2010DSC_1616 04.Reunion-BBS-2010DSC_1588 05.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1514

06.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1499 07.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1504 08.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1523 09.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1566 10.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1615

11.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1567 12.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1579 13.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1577 14.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1650 15.Reunion-BBS-2010_DSC1656


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