Retail Management and E-Commerce – job positions

Trade Marketing Manager: Managing Sales and Distribution Strategies

The Trade Marketing Manager is at the heart of strategies aimed at stimulating demand and increasing sales at the point of sale. Working with the sales and marketing teams, he develops plans to optimise product visibility and improve the customer experience at the point of purchase. Its objective is to maximise product performance in distribution channels.


Retail Analyst: Managing the economic performance of points of sale

The Retail Analyst is the professional who uses data and analysis to understand the dynamics of the retail market. By examining metrics such as sales, inventory and consumer behaviour, he or she provides valuable information to improve product management, space allocation and the overall customer experience in shops.


Category Manager: Leading the strategic management and growth of product categories

The Category Manager is responsible for the strategic management of specific product categories. Working with suppliers, analysing sales data and monitoring market trends, he develops plans to maximise the performance of the categories under his responsibility. The aim is to optimise the product assortment to meet customer needs and increase sales.


Buyer: Product procurement management

The role of the Buyer focuses on the strategic purchase of products for the company. Working closely with suppliers, he assesses purchasing opportunities, negotiates contracts and selects products that align with the market strategy. His work is critical in ensuring that the product mix offered meets customer expectations and optimises sales performance.


E-Commerce Manager: Management of online sales operations

The E-Commerce Manager specialises in managing online sales operations. From developing e-commerce strategies to optimising the online customer experience, this professional works to increase sales through digital channels. He or she coordinates aspects such as logistics, online marketing and user experience to maximise online sales opportunities.


Sales Manager: Management and leadership of the sales team

The Sales Manager is responsible for managing and leading the sales team to achieve company objectives. He/she formulates short- and long-term sales strategies, manages the entire sales cycle, participates in negotiations with key customers and in business partnerships. He is also responsible for acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing ones.


Marketing Manager: Strategic steering of marketing initiatives

The Marketing Manager is responsible for planning, implementing and executing marketing initiatives aimed at promoting products or services and increasing brand visibility. Responsible for the planning and execution of marketing campaigns, he/she works with internal and external teams to define objectives, identify target audiences and ensure that marketing initiatives achieve the desired results.


Sales Controlling Manager: Managing and supervising sales performance

The Sales Controlling Manager is responsible for monitoring and optimising a company’s sales activities. His or her main activities include analysing sales data, evaluating the performance of the sales team and developing strategies to maximise sales efficiency, ensuring alignment with corporate objectives.