The team of the Part-time evening MBA supports the Bimbo Tu NPO

Nicola Gallazzi
Participant of MBA Part-time evening
29 September 2020

The MBA Part-time evening participants joined the BBS React Innovation Program supporting the Bimbo Tu NPO, thanks to the resources acquired during their training period at BBS.

Bimbo Tu is an association established in 2007 that provides practical and day-to-day support to the children receiving neurological care at the Bellaria hospital in Bologna. The association carries out different and multi-faceted activities: from supporting hospitalized children, to scientific research, to organizing recreational activities, to hosting families from all over Italy, thus enabling them to stay close to the young patients.

The challenge taken up by the BBS React Innovation Program team for this association, which relies on volunteer work and donations, consisted in reviewing the business model to go in the direction of economic self-sustainability. This turned out to be necessary in order to manage a real estate property, recently received as a donation, which is a huge opportunity for the future.

“This challenge let our very strong team spirit emerge, together with the ability to work together, using clearly identified, strategic tools,  developed during the MBA”, recalls Nicola Gallazzi, one of the participants of the Part-time evening MBA master’s at BBS and protagonist of the project, with his team that includes Ivan Betunio, Ivan Fraioli, Massimo Governatori, Luca Lambertucci and Rocco Tridici: “it was also a demanding experience, which confronted us with a strong sense of individual responsibility, a feeling that you tend to have less in the classroom, because you almost always talk about large companies and big figures”.

“Instead, in this case, not only figures are at stake and the point is not profit: there are the lives of the children and their families, for whom Bimbo Tu does an exceptionally important job”, Nicola continues. “Perhaps because of this too, I believe it’s been a truly formative, authentic, important experience, that enabled us to really grow. Our Corporate Partner, the person in charge of the project, played a relevant role, as she contributed to set up a perfect integration between our team and the internal one. Today, on the eve of the next Milestone, I think I can safely state that we’re managing to make the difference and that I’m very excited I took the decision to participate, together with my colleagues of the Master’s”.

Among the strong points of the experience, which will reach its end soon, Nicola underlines the possibility to perform a complete repositioning of the Bimbo Tu brand, in view of increasing its efficacy, and the opportunity to implement the Design Thinking techniques, which enabled the team to bring innovation, putting in place complex interventions in a strategic, but also creative, way.