QuaranTalks, the daily appointment of BBS during the quarantine

2 April 2020

During 40 days, from March 26 to May 4, BBS accompanied the quarantine of its Community with the #quaranTalks, a series of  meetings live on Instagram.Every appointment was introduced by Barbara Carfagna (presenter and author of RAI1), Andrea Pezzi (Chairman of Myntelligence), Andrea Pontremoli (CEO of Dallara Automobili) and Max Bergami (Dean of BBS), who dialogued with many Italian and international guests from the world of business, research, culture and institutions.


“The quaranTalks are a way to reflect on the most important themes of this historical moment and an opportunity to be together, even if we are far away – comments Max Bergami, Dean of Bologna Business School – In these days we have received many messages from our Alumni from all over the world. Everyone remembered the sense of community lived in Bologna Business School and they asked to stay in touch. With this initiative, we are trying to respond to the need for intellectual exchange and sociability of the managers who studied at BBS and our community”.


On Thursday, March 26, Max Bergami introduces Alberto Forchielli, Economist and Partner Founder of Mandarin Capital Partners, to understand together how productivity will change in Italy and Europe during the post-emergency [video]

On Friday, March 27, Barbara Carfagna introduces Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, to reflect on the new dynamics that the market is adopting in the automotive sector. [video]

On Saturday, March 28, Barbara Carfagna introduces Alec Ross, entrepreneur, academic and book writer (including the Industries of the Future which has been translated into 24 languages and been a best-seller on 4 continents). During the Obama Administration, he served as Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. [video]

On Sunday, March 29, Barbara Carfagna introduces Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at University of Oxford and Director of Digital Ethics Lab, to understand what consequences will have borders in a new phase and what will be the impact of apps to track displacements. [video]

On Monday, March 30, Barbara Carfagna introduces Francesco Stellacci, Head of Supramolecular NanoMaterials and Interfaces Laboratory (SuNMiL), EPFL and Gaetano Manfredi, Minister of University and Research, to reflect on the measures taken from science to contain the pandemic. [video]

On Tuesday, March 31, Barbara Carfagna introduces Lucia Annunziata, journalist and TV presenter. Registered in the Italian Journalists Association since 1976, Lucia Annunziata made her debut as correspondent from the United States for Il Manifesto, La Repubblica and Il Corriere della Sera, and she has been Director of Tg3 and Huffington Post Italy. [video]

On Wednesday, April 1, Andrea Pezzi introduces Lorenzo Cherubini, a musician, an experimenter and a DJ who breaks into the Italian music scene in the 80s with the pseudonym of Jovanotti. From “E ‘qui la festa” (one of his first song, in 1988) to the activist engagement with Emergency and Amnesty International, 2000 marks the turning point in songwriting and collaborations with the world of cinema. [video]

On Thursday, April 2, Andrea Pezzi introduces Enrico Letta, Former Prime Minister of Italy, from 2015 Dean of PSIA – Paris School International Affairs, founder of Scuola di Politiche and Associazione Italia-Asean, and President of Académie Notre Europe -Institut Jacques Delors. [video]

On Friday, April 3, Andrea Pezzi introduces Sergio Dompè, entrepreneur of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors with Dompè, among the main Italian companies in primary care and biotech. Sergio Dompé has defined the new strategic line of the company by investing in research. [video]

On Saturday, Aprile 4, Andrea Pezzi introduces Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo, to understand with an expert where companies will have to leverage to restart: “today it is necessary for every company to innovate continuously, and the design has a fundamental role for the business, combining empathy, creativity and strategy, to understand dreams and needs of the user”. [video]

On Sunday, April 5, Andrea Pezzi introduces Alon Wolf, Professor of Biorobotics and Vice President of Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, to discuss about how science can contribute to the safeguard of all, during an historical hera in which none of us had ever been before. [video]

On Monday, April 6, Andrea Pezzi introduces Vincenzo Novari, CEO of the Organizing Committee of Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics. The manager, with a long experience in marketing, sales and logistics, will analyze the world of sport and tourism, two of the areas most affected by this phase of emergency. [video]

On Tuesday, April 7, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Guido Barilla, President of Barilla since 1993, synonymous with global Made in Italy excellence, to reflect on the one hand on the level of sustainability spread in Italy and on the other on the value of the team and on the strength of a cohesive team. [video]

On Wednesday, April 8, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Giampiero Maioli, CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Italia, to analyze the services provided by the bank in situation of emergency that is involving the whole society on all levels. [video] .

On Thursday, April 9, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Domenico de Masi, Sociologist and Professor of Sociology of work at the La Sapienza University of Rome. Author of “The creative idleness” focused on the union of work, study and play to allow the maximum expression of everyone’s intellectual and creative abilities, de Masi was among the first to talk about teleworking in 1993: “this emergency has us brought back to mind what we had to do long ago”.

On Friday, April 10, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Brunello Cucinelli, Italian designer and entrepreneur founder of the homonymous company, who, during the 2017 BBS Graduation, enhanced a new type of humanity where ‘profit and gift’ could return to coexist in the right relationship. [video]

On Saturday, April 11, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Nicola Bertinelli, Owner of Azienda Agricola Bertinelli, which has been producing Parmigiano Reggiano since 1895 and for which Italy is known worldwide. A 2.0 farm, which reinvented itself by combining creativity, tradition and innovation, and transforming into a new business model the passion and skills handed for generations. [video]

On Sunday, April 12, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Alex Zanardi, pilot and para cyclist and above all an example of strength and endurance. The champion who never gave up declared: “Each of us has our own way of reacting, which almost always surprises us, as well”. [video]

On Monday, April 13, Max Bergami introduces Romano Prodi, President of the Steering Committee and former President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, to reflect on the state-saving fund and on the effectiveness of the task-force action planned in Italy to start the economy. [video]

On Tuesday, April 14, Max Bergami introduces Pier Luigi Celli, entrepreneur, company manager and writer. During his long career, he was responsible for the management and training of human resources in Eni, Rai, Omnitel, Olivetti and Enel, before becoming, in order, General Manager of RAI, General Manager Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome and President of ENIT. [video]

On Wednesday, April 15, Max Bergami introduces Giuseppe Cucchi, Army Reserve General, former Director of the Military Center for Strategic Studies, Military Adviser to the Prime Minister and permanent military representative of Italy to NATO, EU and Ueo, to understand how to deal with this serious health crisis in compliance with ministerial measures. [video]

On Thursday, April 16, Max Bergami introduces Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, to talk about the economic recovery of the second region most affected by the pandemic in Italy, between new challenges and emergencies, leveraging on the staggered start of the various sectors of production. [video]

On Friday, April 17, Barbara Carfagna introduces Michele Antoniazzi, Senior Vice President HR of Ferrari since 2016, and member of the Executive Committee of the Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports at BBS, to understand how to manage the restart of the economy, between employee productivity and safety of the employers. [video]

On Saturday, April 18, Barbara Carfagna introduces the financier and innovator Francesco Micheli. President of Genextra, he was among the first in Italy to identify strategic development opportunities in high technology and telecommunications, creating e.Biscom-FastWeb in 2000. [video]

On Sunday, April 19, Barbara Carfagna introduces Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Secretary of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, to try to understand how will change one of the sectors most affected by the emergency and at the same time very important for Italy, focusing on next summer holiday. [video]

On Monday, April 20, Andrea Pezzi introduces Salvatore Rossi, Italian economist, manager and banker, to reflect on the Italian economy in the post-covid. General Manager of the Bank of Italy until 2019, he is currently President of Telecom Italia and Member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation of the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies in Geneva. [video]

On Tuesday, April 21, Andrea Pezzi introduces Paolo Scaroni, sport manager, President of Milan and former CEO of Enel and Eni, with whom we will try to understand what will happen to the energy market after the recent collapse of oil price, fell to to lowest since 1999. [video]

On Wednesday, April 22, Andrea Pezzi introduces Vincenzo Paglia, since 2016 President of the Pontifical Academy for Life and great chancellor of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute. [video]

On Thuersday, April 23, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Alessandro Chiesi, Director of Europe Region of Chiesi Group. The pharmaceutical company, during these last weeks, is closely monitoring the covid-19 outbreak, to discover concrete solutions for the prevention of the pandemic. [video]

On Friday, April 24, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Carlo Bonomi, new President of Confindustria and President of Assolombarda since 2017, to understand the priorities on which to focus to ensure an effective recovery for the Italian economy. [video]

On Saturday, April 25, Andrea Pontremoli introduces Emma Marcegaglia, President of Eni, former President of Confindustria and Luiss University, to analyze with one of the main Italian female entrepreneurs how to support economic activity and prepare the ground for the recovery. [video]

On Sunday, April 26, Max Bergami introduces Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna, who has organized a fund called ‘Fondo San Petronio’, to help families in economic difficulty during the emergency. [video]

On Monday, April 27,  Max Bergami introduces Gabriel Sanchez Zinny, President of International Advisory Board of BBS, former Head of Americas of Egon Zehnder International and President of Universidad Austral. [video]

On Tuesday, April 28, Andrea Pezzi introduces Gabriele Gravina, President of FIGC – Italian Football Federation, to understand what scenario will be for Italian football due to impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. [video]

On Wednesday, April 29, Barbara Carfagna introduces Michele Colajanni, Full Professor of IT Security, to understandthe new asset of Cyber ​​Security after the general alarm. [video]

On Thurdsay, April 30, Barbara Carfagna introduces the Deputy Minister of Education Anna Ascani, to understand what will happen to the sector of education after the emergency, considering the temporary suspension of the activities and the need to adapt resources to make safe the return to class. [video]

On Friday, May 1, Barbara Carfagna introduces Sabino Cassese, Judge Emeritus of the Constitutional Court and university professor, to understand together the measures adopted by the Government during this emergency. [video]

On Saturday, May 2, Max Bergami introduces Fabiola Gianotti, first woman General Director of CERN, one of the most important physics laboratories in the world, in the team of experts set up by the Minister of the family and equal opportunities, to contribute to the reconstruction of Italy in the post-pandemic. [video]

On Sunday, May 3, Andrea Pezzi introduces the Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia, to understand how the reopening of production activities will be managed during phase 2. [video]

Final evening on Monday, May 4, with Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman.


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