Professional Master HR & Organization – The Program Advisory Board

19 April 2023

Bologna Business School‘s Professional Masters are the perfect match between the academic knowledge, necessary to train young managers and the practical skills, essential to keep up with an ever-changing job market.

The Professional Master in HR & Organization addresses new challenges on the key issues of human resource management: recruitment and selection strategies, performance evaluation techniques, compensation and benefits, change and diversity management, and staff training and development.

It is a study path composed of lectures, project works, meetings with business executives and other non-academic learning systems that can offer practical, concrete knowledge immediately applicable in the internship that concludes the year.

One of the pillars of the Master’s program’s success is the strong link between BBS and the companies, that play a key role in the academic plan decision-making process with the Program Advisory Committee.

The board meets regularly and plays an active role in the scientific coordination of BBS curricula for content selection, orientation and connection with the business world. Member companies support the Bologna Business School Faculty in designing the study paths and hosting the students for internships. In this way, a virtuous circle generates positive effects on the School and on the companies, motivated to look among BBS students for their future managers, which can return to the School, after solid work experience, as board members, and influence the management of new programs too.

Local companies with strong interests in the global market generate powerful networks with the strategic goal of internationality, which has always been one of the cornerstones of Bologna Business School.

The BBS Community finds full realization in this exchange: BBS Alumni joining the Master’s board are the perfect closing of a coherent circle.

Professional Master in HR & Organization: a unique training opportunity to enter the business world.


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