Professional Master HR and Organization – Montenegro Company Visit

19 April 2023

Bologna Business School‘s Professional Masters are a blend of theory and practical skills, a necessary mix for the manager who wants to immediately enter a rapidly changing business world.

The Professional Master in HR & Organization is designed to equip its students with a portfolio of knowledge that can respond to new market requirements: performance evaluation techniques, diversity management in the company and recruitment methodology are some of the topics explored during the year of study.

Lectures by Bologna Business School’s top Faculty are complemented by project works, meetings with company executives and other non-academic learning methods to obtain concrete and immediately spendable skills.

One of the key moments of this Master’s program is represented by the Company Visits: in-company meetings aimed at sharing the most innovative strategies, best practices and techniques applied to real cases.

During one of these company visits, BBS students met Cristina Danelatos, Chief People & Digital Officer of the Montenegro Group, a longstanding partner of the Bologna Business School, who gave a masterclass on gender equality and digital transformation of human resources. The company then opened its doors and offered visitors an opportunity to see how Montenegro’s production chain works, learn about new product focuses and have a 360° degrees experience of this global brand.

The Montenegro Group, a leader in the food and alcoholic beverage sectors since 1885 and owner of other well-known brands such as Bonomelli, Cannamela and Vecchia Romagna, to name a few, is an ever-evolving company and a key player in different areas with different needs and issues. Visiting its establishments and listening to strategies in action on real cases offered Master’s students a great educational experience.

These kinds of meetings are important for learning, but even more so for building a powerful network. The opportunity to speak with those who could become their managers during the end-of-course internship is an exceptional plus that the BBS Professional Master in HR & Organization offers its most ambitious participants.


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