Professional Master Digital Marketing & Communication – Webranking Company Visit

19 April 2023

Bologna Business School‘s Professional Master in Digital Marketing & Communication aims to provide its alumni with high-profile training and operational skills: a mix able to provide the necessary tools to face the ever-changing world of digital communication. Social media, content creation and performance measurement are some of the focuses of a Master’s program composed of two cycles of classroom lectures and a final internship.

In the context of non-academic teaching, Company Visits are crucial: the School organizes throughout the study year meetings with executives in their headquarters. It represents a unique opportunity to have direct contact with market leaders and to create a powerful network capable of kick-starting a successful management career.

An outstanding Company Visit took place in Correggio (RE), where the participants of the Professional Master in Digital Marketing & Communication inaugurated the second semester of activity, diving into the evocative headquarters of Webranking, among the best Web Agencies in Italy. At the Correggio headquarters, in a modern villa with a park and swimming pool, the students attended an on-site lecture by Nereo Sciuto, CEO and founder of Webranking and BBS lecturer, and Nicolò Pantaleoni, Digital Analyst & CRO Team Leader, they toured the offices, met the managers of the different departments and learnt the best practices implemented by one of the most awarded web agencies in Italy.

Such training experiences are fuel for professional growth and can become the key to entry into the business world thanks also to the end-of-course internship, a possible career start guaranteed by the exceptional placement data of BBS Professional Master‘s students: more than 91% six months after the conclusion of the course of study.

BBS Professional Master in Digital Marketing & Communication: the best way to get into the world of digital marketing and communication.


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