Pursuant to the European Regulation no. 679/2016, we inform you that the Fondazione Bologna University Business School (hereinafter also referred to as “BBS”) shall process your data for the purposes specified below, in compliance with the provisions concerning personal data protection.

 1. Data supplied for the performance of the contract or the use of a service

The processing of your personal data, contact data, and the data of the company or entity to which you belong is necessary in order to guarantee the use of the service, the performance of the contract or of pre-contractual obligations (including requests for information received from you), or your participation in a specific event promoted or organised by BBS. Therefore, refusal to provide such data will make it impossible for BBS to guarantee the use of the service, the performance of the contract or pre-contractual obligations requested, or to ensure your participation in a specific event promoted or organised by BBS.

For this reason, your consent shall not be required to process the data mentioned above for the purposes above since the legal basis legitimating the data processing is the performance of a contract to which you are a party.

If the law so provides, also for transparency purposes, your data described above, including any assignment and compensation received, may be published on the BBS website.

1.1 Data retention

The data mentioned in point 1 above, that you provided for the performance of a contract or to use a service shall be processed by BBS for the purposes described above under paragraph 1, for the time necessary to fulfill the contract or to use the required service.

The data mentioned in point 1 above, shall be processed up to 10 years after the expiration of the contract performance, of the use of the service or the term of payment, exclusively to ensure the tax, accounting and administrative statutory fulfillments, except when longer terms are provided for, which cannot be determined beforehand, as a consequence of different conditions of lawfulness of the processing (for example, judicial actions requiring processing for a period exceeding 10 years).Should the data above mentioned be provided in a pre-contractual phase (e.g. when requesting information), the processing of such data shall not exceed two years, in order to allow a correct and more effective management of the precontractual relationship existing with you.

1.2 Audiovisual data and images

When events are held remotely (streaming, including live streaming on social channels attributable to BBS, videoconferencing, etc.) BBS may keep the recordings for administrative and archive purposes.

In such cases, BBS sets by default the streaming or videoconference tools ensuring the deactivation of the webcam and microphone of your device.

Should you activate the webcam and or microphone, this activation is equivalent to the provision of an authorisation. The legal basis for such data processing is your authorisation to use the audio-video material that concerns you.

Your data will be processed for the duration of the event, after which BBS will store it solely to be able to prove at any time that BBS has obtained all the rights referred to in the authorisation. It is understood that your image and voice will be broadcast and processed in the manner and within the terms indicated in the authorisation you gave.

2. Data provided for information purpose of the activities carried out by BBS and for promotional purposes

If you wish to keep in contact with BBS in order to be informed on the organized events, activities, services, commercial and promotional offers by BBS, also by way of newsletters, we ask you to give your consent to the processing of personal and contact data for information and promotional purposes, after filling in the fields below with the additional data and information requested.

If you had already provided the data and information specified in the fields below, you have not to provide them again, since it is sufficient that you renew your consent or that you express your refusal to the processing for the purposes under consideration. In the event that you do not make a choice and do not provide a previous valid consent to processing, your data shall not be processed for information and promotional purposes.

2.1 Contact methods

In order to contact you for information and promotional purposes, we will be allowed to use both automated means, such as e-mail and SMS, as well as paper mail and telephone.

2.2 What happens if you do not provide your consent?

Failure to provide your consent for the information and promotional purposes above, BBS shall not be able to inform you about its events, services offered or possible commercial and promotional offers dedicated to you.

2.3 Communications via e-mail for services similar to those already required

In the event that you do not explicitly express your refusal, if it is provided for by the law, BBS shall be entitled to use, also without your consent, the e-mail address you provided at the time of your request of a BBS service, in order to send you information and promotional communications concerning services similar to those envisaged by the service itself. In this case, the promotional communications sent in this way will feature a link allowing you to unsubscribe the service in a simple way, in order to ensure the exercise of your right to stop the processing.

2.4 Data retention relating the information and promotional activities

BBS shall process the personal and contact data you provided for the information and commercial purposes above for a maximum of two years from the issue of your consent or, in any case, from the collection of your data. The consent to this processing can be revoked at any time, without prejudice to your right to obtain the deletion of your data as better specified in the section “Rights of the data subject” below.

3. Methods of processing

BBS shall carry out the processing of personal data by means of paper and IT methods.

We wish to inform you that BBS shall not submit your data to automated decision-making processing that produces legal effects or that similarly affect you, pursuant to article 22 of the European Regulation no. 679/2016.

4. Data Controller

The Data Controller is the “Fondazione Bologna University Business School” having its registered office in Villa Guastavillani, Via degli Scalini 18, Bologna (BO), number of enrollment in the Register of Juridical Persons at the Prefecture of Bologna 729, page 118, vol. 5, VAT registration number 02095311201. The person delegated to provide a feedback to the data subject in case of exercise of the rights under articles 15-21 of the (EU) Regulation no. 679/2016 is the Chief Financial Officer (also referred to as “C.F.O.”), whose contact data are available at the following link

5. Data processors and communication of your data to third parties

The subjects or the categories of subjects specified in the website are appointed as data processors pursuant to article 4 of the above-mentioned European Regulation no. 679/2016 and therefore they can process and gain knowledge of the data you have supplied.

For this purpose, please take note that BBS appoints as data processors the subjects with the following tasks:

  1. a) management of the relationships with customers and, more generally, with third parties, also for accounting and administrative and legal defense purposes;
  2. b) management of communications, including marketing and promotional ones, and the supply of information, promotional services;
  3. c) management of its archives, including IT-based management.

6. Data Protection Officer

BBS appointed its Data Protection Officer, whom you can contact at the following address:

You can contact the Data Protection Officer for any issue relating to the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights resulting from the European Regulation no. 679/2016.

7. Place of data processing

BBS carries out the processing of your data in Italy.

Some of the appointed Data Processors have their own registered office or they process your personal data also in countries other than Italy but, in any case, within the European Union

8. Rights of the data subject

You can exercise the rights recognized under articles 15-21 of the European Regulation no. 679/2016, among which the right to ask the Data Controller the access to personal data, to have them rectified or deleted, as well as the limitation of processing of data related to you.

8.1 Right to object

You are also entitled to object to the processing of your data, in full or in part, under article 21 of the above-mentioned Regulation no. 679/2016, by revoking the consent to the processing at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation. The right to object cannot be exercised for those data with regard to which BBS proves the existence of prevailing lawful reasons to carry out the processing (such as accounting and administrative reasons, to exercise the defense right, etc.).

8.2 Right to data portability

You are also entitled to data portability in compliance with the provisions set out in article 20 of the Regulation no. 679/2016. According to the right to data portability, BBS is entitled to receive, in structured, commonly used and machine readable formats, your personal data, the processing of which has been carried out by BBS with automated means and based on a contract or on consent.

You are also entitled to lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority, pursuant to article 77, paragraph 1 of the (EU) Regulation no. 679/2016, that in Italy is the “Data Protection Commissioner”.

8.3 Methods to exercise the rights

The exercise of rights can be made by sending a communication to the premises of the Fondazione Bologna University Business School indicated in paragraph 4 above (Data Controller) or to the e-mail address