Why You Should Earn a Global MBA in Bologna

10 January 2019

The key concept that makes the sectors of food, design and engineering the ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world, is undoubtedly the heritage, the result of a know-how well rooted in centuries of history. In addition to the strength of the brands of numerous historic companies, the Italian territory is also witnessing the change and innovation faced by them and by new companies that are balancing the legacy of tradition with the ability to keep pace with the international markets, or even to anticipate them.

There’s a region in particular that features on its territory a large number of markedly innovative companiesEmilia-Romagna. Here, unique synergies have come to exist between entrepreneurs and the political and cultural institutions, particularly the University of Bologna, the oldest University of the Western world, founded in 1088

To choose Bologna means to immerse yourself in a city on a human scale but with an international dimension, able to explain to thousands of students, who choose it for their education every year, how heritage and history not only coexist with change, but that they can also inspire and develop it. To succeed, forward-thinking business students need the opportunity to engage with and incorporate heritage into their understanding of global business and industry and the Global MBA from Bologna Business School provides the necessary experience by cultivating passion, initiative and diversity, in a territory that represents their perfect synthesis.



The BBS Global MBA is designed to help students shape their future around their passions and create a career that combines energy with their interests and inclinations. BBS Global MBA offers 5 specialization tracks: Design, Fashion and Luxury GoodsFood and WineGreen Energy and Sustainable BusinessesInnovation Management / Mechanics & Automation and Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports. BBS has chosen to structure its Global MBA program around five different specializations, not only to provide students with a solid grounding in the major management disciplines but also to capture the essence of Italy and to help students change, transform, and innovate these industries.



BBS believes that initiative is the natural consequence of following one’s passion. In Italy and in Emilia-Romagna, where Bologna is located, people always had and will continue to invest in new ventures that can creatively re-shape the existing ones. Courses offered at BBS are designed to encourage this process, and students are trained to think independently and creatively about the domains that map into the five tracks of the master. BBS encourages students to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into something real, profitable, and personally fulfilling.



The business world is diverse and so is BBS. The pace of globalization has accelerated in recent decades, and both Bologna Business School and the University of Bologna are ahead of this process with a community that is open, multicultural and willing to welcome new generations of students. Our business school is proud to be a global institution, composed by 90 different nationalities. BBS concentrates on providing students with topics and instruction that prepare them for the international business world, being at the same time committed to supporting brilliant candidates who have the intellectual capabilities to succeed and the passion to create the heritage of the future.



The Global MBA program at BBS is grounded in a strong relationship with Italy’s leading industries. Once they begin the program, students are exposed to best-in-class players like Lamborghini, Ducati, Yoox Net-A-Porter and other Italian champions. BBS makes sure Global MBA students meet, talk and observe these companies and their management, because learning by observing what market leaders are doing is part of what BBS believes in.


Bologna is a focal point where to experience first hand the interaction between the business and the sectors of food, mechanics and fashion. BBS works to create a new generation of business leaders, able to drive international growth and digital transformation, in order to develop economic and social competitiveness in a perspective of sustainability.











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