Why a Master in Sport Management?

9 March 2015

Sport is about selling entertainment, matches must be like big shows.” This is the opinion of William Sutton, Founding Director Sports Management MBA Program and Former Vice President NBA Team Marketing.

A direct dialogue within the world of sports business to discuss opportunities for a competitive edge, through the acquisition of managerial skills.

An engaging morning divided between American experiences as told by William Sutton and Italian experiences with Flavio Portaluppi, President EA7 Olimpia Milano basketball, and Federico Palomba, Head of Digital Marketing and Fan Relationship Management Juventus FC (Alumus BBS). The speakers discuss differences and similarities between the worlds of football, basketball and volleyball.

Sutton speaks on his experiences and the necessity to improve engagement and entertainment, not only focusing on the result. “Italy needs to exploit the potential of 2.0 for the sport marketing much better. It’s time to give new energy to Italian sports, to make some progress and overcome the mental cage of the crisis. Sport must sell fun, matches must be like big shows”, Sutton says.

Alberto Fratticelli, Head of Marketing and Communication Lotto Sport Italy, provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of sport management. This event was created to highlight the ability of management to adapt itself to the dynamic of sports, appraising it in terms of business and generating value.

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