People management

22 January 2024

People management is a practice concerned with planning, organizing and directing a company’s teams. Linked to human resource management, the manager specialized in people management can effectively manage the workforce, overseeing a company’s staff from recruitment to training and performance evaluation. He or she contributes to the creation of a positive company culture and a good working environment, and implements practices that involve employees in the company’s vision to engage them and stimulate their professional growth.

HR thus becomes a competitive benefit for the company, which limits turnover and improves performance through an effective network of internal relationships among employees and between departments.

The manager for this role must be equipped with many skills and abilities ranging from interpersonal relationship management to legal knowledge related to business regulations; from strong leadership skills to empathy and the ability to be a guide and mentor to their employees.

Bologna Business School makes the holistic training needed for people management a cornerstone of every path, but more focused in some programs. From the HR & Organization Professional Master, dedicated to training professionals who can make companies and people more competitive with a view to international growth, to the Executive MBA, dedicated to managers and entrepreneurs who aspire to top roles in companies and who want to develop leadership, motivation and aptitude for teamwork, and to the Open Programs in Human Resources Management & Development and Interpersonal Skills for Business, courses dedicated to people management are the focal point of educational paths that aim for excellence and train managers capable of leading one of the most delicate and important aspects of any business.

People management is the foundation of business management because it helps companies maximize efficiency and productivity, create corporate spirit and networks, engage employees and attract new resources in a positive and stimulating work environment.


Explore BBS Master’s programs with a focus on people management:

HR & Organization Professional Master

Executive MBA

Human Resources Management & Development Open Program

Interpersonal Skills for Business Open Program



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