Niccolò Montanari: “The Master has united people with similar interests, aspirations and dreams, turning us into a team”

15 January 2018

My name is Niccolò Montanari and I’m a student of the Full-time Master in HR & Organization at Bologna Business School. After 2 years of experience within Page Group, a top-ranked Multinational Recruitment Company as HR Consultant, I decided to embrace this new adventure and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life. I’ve always wanted to focus my studies on Human Resources Management, but I couldn’t find a University with a program that could draw my attention, since I discovered BBS.


The combination of working experience and new management knowledge really let me grow as a person and as a professional. Through group assignments, in-company workshops and presentations I could learn useful tools and practical ways of working with colleagues from several countries and cultures, having the possibility to develop a broad perspective about the Human Resources Management.


This Master, for its sound theoretical and practical approach to organizational dimension, is structured in a way that even those who do not have a background in HR can bring the most significant value out of the courses, which still remains demanding and challenging. This Master in fact involves demanding training, strong commitment and passion which equips and pushes students to take on the challenges of the world of work.


I believe that the key to a successful study, during your time at BBS, is the attitude you carry, the flexibility and the passion you put forward. This Master let me learn to be more open minded, pragmatic in time management and determinate to reach my goals. In conclusion, I would like to thank the professors but above all the amazing group of people which I could share this amazing experience with. All of us were coming from different countries, with different backgrounds and cultures, but we were joined together by similar interests, aspirations and dreams which made us face our hurdles as a team.


At the moment, I’m working as Group HR Generalist at Best Union Company, a global leader in the development of ticketing technology, access control and event management, with a Global presence (Italy, UK, USA, France, UAE and Middle East) in a diverse range of markets. I am really excited about this incredible opportunity that with its international approach, makes me fall in love with my Job every day more.


Niccolò Montanari – Correggio (RE)

Master in HR & Organization – A.Y. 2016/17


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