New appointments for the Student Council, the representative body that enhances the experience at BBS

24 February 2021

BBS is a School, sure, but it’s first and foremost a Community, which nurtures and grows thanks to everybody’s participation. From this perspective, the collaboration between Bologna Business School and the Master’s courses’ participants is crucial. In order to strengthen it and make it even more fruitful the Student Council was established, a body that comprises the class representatives of the face-to-face courses and that plays the important function of contributing to the School’s development, enhancing it with the participants’ perspectives.

The Student Council comprises two representatives from each class, it’s led by two co-chairpersons and all its members are chosen to represent, in the most inclusive way possible, the reality of the Masters’ at BBS. The role it plays is fundamental in putting in contact not just the students with the School Governance, but also the students among themselves, fostering interactions and exchanges also outside individual shared pathways.

Today, the Student Council is entrusted to the lead of 2 new co-chairpersons: they are Massimiliano Basile, participant in the MBA Part-time Weekend, and Tina Bogojevic, participant in the Full-time Master’s in Data Science. We met them, virtually, to hear about how they’re experiencing this new opportunity.


Massimiliano, Tina, how will you tackle the challenge set by this new role, in this particularly complex historical period?

The role is quite challenging in itself because you’re the spokesperson of many students, of different ages and with different backgrounds. Considering the current situation, becoming effective coordination figures is even more important and the challenge lies in the fact of managing, all the time, exchanging opinions, trying to take in proposals and ideas coming from everyone, with the full awareness that BBS, if compared to other Business Schools, quickly ensured, with resourcefulness, a very high-level teaching activity, despite the pandemic underway. For our part, we will also strive to maintain effective communication between the School’s management and all the students, with the aim of making the experience at BBS a rewarding one for each and everyone.


How important are relationships within the BBS Community and how can they impact the participants’ general experience? 

The relationships are key in the choice of a Business School and its related study pathway. At BBS the high quality of faculty, external speakers and fellow students represent exceptional opportunities to exchange views and precious occasions for networking on complementary activities. Not to be forgotten are also the mentorship project, the tutoring activities, and the exclusive access to the “BBS Community” portal, through which you have the possibility of constantly exchanging ideas with other students/Alumni and consider new work opportunities. All the activities that are proposed are built in order to promote networking, teamwork and participation, aspects that will be fundamental once you enter the labor market.


What would you suggest to a student who, today, is about to start their path at BBS?

The first piece of advice is to be curious! Faculty and professionals are at your complete disposal to teach managerial contents and methodologies, supported by real-life experiences. There’s nothing better than the union of theory and practice to enhance your personal training. Another suggestion we feel we ought to mention is not to be afraid of the complex situation in which we’re living today. More than ever, it’s important not just to enhance and update your skills, but also to acquire personal abilities to manage “hybrid” relationships, that is, partially mediated by technology.


We wish all the best for this new adventure to Massimiliano, Tina and all the members of the Student Council, who are listed here below.


Members of the Student Council

Clarissa Amaral – MBA Part-time Weekend

Milly Barba – Executive Master in Sales and Marketing

Stefania Barzanti – Executive MBA

Andrea Biondaro – Executive Master in Public Management and Innovation

Luigi Cacciapuoti – Executive MBA

Filippo Calamai – MBA Evening

Danilo Pietro Continisio – Full-time Master in HR and Organization

Karen De Paoli – Executive Master in Sustainability and Transition Management

Annarita Silvia Di Girolamo – Executive Master in Public Management and Innovation

Federico Duca – Executive Master in Sustainability Transition Management

Monica Faiolo – Executive Master in Public Management and Innovation

Elisa Iacomini – Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management

Maria Kryuchkova – Global MBA

Carla Landuzzi – Full-time Master in Digital Marketing and Communication

Mauro Logoluso – Full-time Master in Digital Technology Management

Andrew Lucchesi – Global MBA

Gaeta Marcello – Executive Master in Public Management and Innovation

Giulio Marino –Full-time Master in Business Management

Lorella Martini – Hybrid MBA

Egidio Martufi – Executive Master in Sales and Marketing

Andrea Meneghini – Executive MBA

Matheus Meyer – Full-time Master in Marketing Management

Carolina Mezzetti – Full-time Master in Business Management

Matilde Oliva – Full-time Master in Marketing Management

Annalisa Panunzi – Full-time Master in Finance, Control and Auditing

Manuele Parini – Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations

Luigi Presti – Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management

Veronica Regalli – Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations

Tommaso Ricchi – Full-time Master in Finance and Fintech

Duccio Ruozzi – Full-time Master in Sustainable Innovation Management

Gianluca Sardella – International Executive MBA

Enrico Sbaragli – Full-time Master in Wealth Management

Francesco Vecchi – MBA Part-time Weekend


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