Navigating Innovation, Cultivating Humanity: The 15th BBS Reunion

28 September 2023

On September 8th and 9th, Bologna Business School celebrated its 15th Alumni Reunion in a manner as original as it was meaningful, spanning from Cervia to Bologna.

The event kicked off with a symbolic train journey to Romagna, a gesture of solidarity from BBS towards the population affected by last May’s floods. As per tradition, the reunion culminated at Villa Guastavillani, the school’s historic headquarters. Here, the BBS community gathered in an electrifying atmosphere focused on networking, innovation, and career management.

Mirja Cartia D’Asero, CEO of 24 Ore Group, elevated the conversation with a deeply resonant speech. With an impressive career behind her, D’Asero offered a unique and valuable perspective on the need to extend financial education to younger generations. She emphasized how artificial intelligence, if managed with ethics and responsibility, can become an ally in the fight against misinformation. D’Asero then tackled a topic particularly dear to BBS alumni: career management. She provided practical advice and recommended essential readings. One of the most genuine moments came when she answered an audience question about managing a busy schedule. Candidly, she revealed that she doesn’t have a magic formula and often has to make sacrifices to balance her professional and personal commitments. However, she always finds time to advise those who work with her, especially the younger ones.

BBS alumni then had the opportunity to lead meetings and work on innovative projects with the support of corporate representatives involved by the BBS Alumni Association. The day was thus an occasion to strengthen old friendships and make new acquaintances, but above all, to grow together as a community. Knowledge, a passion for innovation, and active participation were the pillars of a transformative experience in an environment that celebrates humanity and cooperation as much as academic and professional success.


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