My Story, Our Story: Simone Tosi

18 September 2017

BBS Alumni talk about themselves: what was before, what came after and the memories of the student’s life, to offer a personal story and a narration of one’s own professional experience. For a history of our Community.
 The protagonist of this episode is Simone Tosi, Plant Manager at Glem Gas.

The soundtrack chosen by Come as you are, of Nirvana.


Ouverture: a life of stimuli and goals to achieve

Every morning, Simone wakes up at dawn to go for a run. He runs because it is his great passion, but above all in order to participate every year at the national marathon of more than 40 kilometers, held in Rome, Florence or Milan.

He runs because he has a goal to achieve, some stages to reach. So is his professional career, marked by increasingly ambitious goals, achieved with a steady, resilient and determined pace.

There is a reason if he defines himself as a pragmatic person, who lives by setting goals and engaging in achieving the results.

It is with this same focus that he has been working for 20 years at Glem Gas Spa; Twenty years in which he has held several roles and has grown professionally. He desires to be able to continue his marathon towards more and more important assignments.


The story so far: from Design to Operations

Simone’s professional career begins and grows in the field of large household appliances. At a very young age he is hired at Smeg as project manager, and after a few years he joins Glem Gas, again responsible for the role of project manager. It will be in this modenese company that he will have the opportunity to grow professionally, working on several projects, becoming first Technical Director and then also Plant Director.

Being an expert and having started his career as a designer, his attention has always been focused more on the technical part and on the development of the project. But soon the opportunity to work with a Venetian partner of Glem Gas on the development of a project started from scratches, has given a new form to his profession. “This experience opened my eyes to a whole new part, that of the Operations: I realized therefore that I had to pay attention not only to the project, but also to the realization, assembly, product logistics and so on. I have understood how important are these steps: most hidden costs are precisely in these production activities and optimizing them means lowering costs and increasing company’s competitiveness.”


New stimuli for a constant growth

All the stages that Simone has achieved in his professional career have led him not only to a great ambition, but above all to a continuous search for new stimuli.

I always need new challenges to reach so many new goals.” This same propensity convinced him to leave Smeg at the age of 25 to look for a company where he could run his personal and professional marathon.
“At that time of my life I was looking for a growth path, a different challenge, and I found this opportunity in Glem Gas. With hindsight, I’m very happy to have embraced the change.”

New challenges, new stimuli and goals were never missing in twenty years of work at Glem Gas, where Simone has demonstrated concrete capacity to grow the company, and has brought real results, thus gaining the trust of the Chairman of Glem Gas. “The president believed in me, he knows I like to do new things, so when he proposed to me changes of function, I have always accepted them as challenges. And challenges really recharge me.”

But the race has not yet come to an end. “The ultimate goal I want to achieve in the future is to be able to gain the position of General Manager and take a further step in my professional career.”


Why (and how) Bologna Business School

The choice to return to study with the Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations has also been taken as a new stimulus, a further goal to be achieved. Moreover, his training in this sector was mostly on the field: no theory, but only plant life. “I realized that only field experience did not allow me to analyze some events objectively, I did not have the tools to analyze some of the criticalities that I was experiencing in the productive and logistical process. So I chose Bologna Business School. ”

The methodology of the courses and the structure made of theory, seminars and meetings with managers and entrepreneurs, were the elements convinced him the most to attend the BBS Exective Master.
In particular, thanks to the master he managed to acquire that particular skill he was looking for in the last few years: a method of work. “I learned a more strategic approach that I did not have before: the ability to frame different aspects of the work process and find a working methodology. This is the great added value I brought home from BBS.”


An advice for a student

“The advice I can give to those looking for training in this area is to choose to attend the BBS Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations without hesitation. The real added value of this master is to connect the theoretical part with the practical knowledge: all the theory is brought to the productive reality both in its strategic aspect and in production and logistics.

So sign up because you will not only embrace new things, but above all you will understand how to apply them in reality. “


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