Anna Rita Pinto, Executive Master in Entrepreneurship

10 October 2019

Give the women adequate opportunities and they will be capable of everything, said Oscar Wilde. A perfect phrase to present Anna Rita Pinto, who not only knows how to seize opportunities, but above all to create them from zero.

Mother of 3 children, a stunning 15-year career at FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the current role of Operations Cost Analyst at the Marini Fayat Group, but above all an entrepreneurial vocation on which she decided to invest by joining the Executive Master in Entrepreneurship at BBS.

Tell us a little about yourself: what is your studies and which professional path do you come from?

At 22 I was already a mother and I started working as a general worker for FIAT Automotive, continuing to study. For five years I took night shifts at one of the largest Italian Fiat factories, where women represented only 8%. From there began my career as head of an entire production department, thus contributing to the cultural change of one of the largest Italian industries. In 2004 I moved to Turin with my family for a new work adventure in the Fiat Group Head Quarters. There I continued to study at the SAA School of Management in Turin, earning an interdisciplinary degree with honors in Economics for Business Management. From 2012 I started working for Marini Fayat Group, a historic company from Ravenna since 1899, until becoming the head of product cost analysis and definition of annual standard costs, a role I still hold.

How did you come into contact with Bologna Business School and what led you to choose to enroll in a Master’s program?

I taught my children to never stop getting excited, to be critical and to always ask themselves why. And above all to dream and to believe in one’s dreams, strongly. After my husband returned from China, I thought it was time to realize my dream: to resume studying and creating something of my own, making use of the experience gained over the years. I still didn’t know how, but I felt I had to cover the gap in the field of digitalization. Alfredo Montanari, Managing Director of BBS talked to me about the Executive Master in Entrepreneurship as an incubator of ideas and the possibility of networking with other professionals and keeping up-to-date on strategy, marketing, communication and digital issues. I knew immediately that he was my Master.

Based on your experience, what are the strengths of the BBS program?

Certainly the multiplicity of opportunities that arise from international programs, topical case studies, teachers who are also business managers and therefore concrete. The theory applied concretely to business opportunities and professional growth.

What are your short and long term goals?

As soon as I started the Master, I searched the web for possible partners in jewellery and jewellery products, a field that, as a woman and creative, I’m very passionate about. I was lucky enough to meet a tenacious woman like me, Dr. Barbara Rizzi, Chairwoman of the DiValenza goldsmith brand Consortium who immediately supported my project to create a digital interactive platform, to give international visibility to the jewellery products of the Valenza district, the oldest in Italy, boasting over 200 years of history and with almost 200 goldsmiths as its assets. In this way I discovered a world of Italian artisan excellence, finding in BBS the perfect support to shape my entrepreneurial soul.


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