My Story, Our Story: Luca Martelli

4 August 2015

BBS alumni talk about themselves: what was before, what came after and the memories of life as a student, to offer a personal story and a narration of one’s own professional experience, to form a history of our Community.
The protagonist of the seventh episode is Luca Martelli, Director Identity Manager – Oracle EMEAExecutive MBA X, 2011-2013.

Luca’s soundtrack is We don’t celebrate Sundays by Hardcore Superstar.

“Just being in the flow of everyday day is like rugby scrum, you need to think about the try line, about your next day at work. 30-40% of my days is made of thinking about new targets”. It’s very clear for Luca what a growth path is, and besides the sporting metaphors, he thinks about others and himself within a constant development process.

The story so far
“I started working in IT as a consultant, in the years of the so-called new economy. I went from being a consultant, to putting together the offer, the actual sale of IT solutions”. In just eight years, Luca filled four different posts in three companies. After Cambridge Technology Partner and Novell, he arrived at Oracle, in the same year when he enrolled at the Masters in BBS.

“I meant to widen the 120 degrees of my visual field, and provide my next step with a different mark, especially thanks to those soft skills that keep together the building blocks of a career”. The idea of attending a Masters had been spinning inside Luca’s head for some time, for nearly a year before he actually enrolled. Then fate sped up things, making him attend the Masters and start a new job almost at the same time.
“My intention was to equip myself with a new set of tools and I did it. The effects can be seen gradually, not on the spot, but I owe to the Masters much of my career: from sales manager in the North of Italy, to Identity Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa”.

Cycling Routes
“I’m the president of a junior cycling team that comprises 35 kids, aged between 7 and 16, in Imola, my small home-town. It’s the time I devote to my personal growth”. In this case too, for Luca, the excitement is to be found in identifying a route to follow. He sees it in the children who grow and in himself, in his capacity as president of the association, a position he’s covered since when he was 19.
“The inspiration, for me, always comes from group experiences, where you cooperate with people who are eager to provide their contribution”.

(Editor’s note)
In Luca, there’s an almost positivistic trust in growth routes, in further steps, in going on. But in which direction?
“I believe there are moments, during a career, when one needs to ask oneself questions. I personally ask myself those questions about twice a year, because this constant process of self-review leads to the adoption of small adjustments, rather than big transformations.
Sometimes one’s subjected to external changes, especially within the dynamics of large American companies. The important thing is knowing where one could get to, in the short term, so to be always dynamic concerning changes, and not finding oneself dominated by them”.

A piece of advice to a student
“Don’t stop after completing a Masters. You’ve already chosen to continue and you must continue doing it, as for self-learning and the exchange of views with others, with your current colleagues and the future ones. This is the most efficient tool, also in relation to being part of a Community“.

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