My Story, Our Story. Gianluca Sesenna

29 October 2019

My name is Gianluca Sesenna, I am 37 years old, I live in the province of Piacenza, and I am a physiotherapist and co-founder of U&O, a startup that designs robotic exoskeletons. Attending an Executive Master in BBS was an experience that allowed me to give a solid structure to my desire to create.

Tell us about yourself: what is your studies and which professional path do you come from?
I have always been fascinated and attracted by the world of entrepreneurship and in particular by the ability and possibility of transforming an idea into a concrete project: as a child I dreamed of building motorcycles, but then, undecided between technology and sport, I chose to graduate in Physiotherapy at the University of Parma, and I continued with a specialization course, perfecting myself in “Respiratory Rehabilitation, Sport Rehabilitation and Instrumental Movement Analysis”. It was during this time that, together with a group of friends, I founded U&O, a startup that designs and builds exoskeletons, wearable robotic devices that allow people with disabilities to stand up and walk again.

How did you come into contact with Bologna Business School and what led you to choose to enroll in a Master’s program?
I realized that, in order to give structure and solidity to my business project, I needed transversal and multidisciplinary skills: an MBA was essential to be able to carry out and build my business with greater confidence and competence. With the decision to start a startup this desire has become a very concrete need; our reality is composed of technicians, and during the course it was necessary to deepen managerial and financial disciplines, hence my choice to enroll in the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend.

What are the strengths of the BBS program?
In my opinion the strengths of the Master, and in general of BBS, are a strong connection with the external reality, the immediate applicability of the topics dealt with directly in the field and their contemporaneity. Last but not least, I would like to emphasize the ability of teachers to convey interest in managerial and financial areas to people from other professional realities. Among the most relevant experiences of the BBS course I emphasize the project work and the possibility of immediately applying the knowledge acquired in the working field: to this are added the positive relationships established with the other students.
And let’s not forget that a part-time Master’s program with weekend formula is perfect for those who, like me, work.

How did your career develop after BBS?
The Master in BBS was the launch pad that allowed our startup to take a step forward, transforming it into a concrete business project. In fact, we were able to verify the economic sustainability of our project and the potential of the market through participation in various business plan competitions. After having achieved important results, our reality has consolidated considerably.

What are your short and long term goals?
Thanks to the Master I was able to develop a broader overview that leads me to a greater sensitivity in seizing new opportunities. My training at BBS is now being completed and our startup is preparing to launch the first product on the market; a crucial and delicate passage, on which however I have much more confidence today.

What would you recommend to a future BBS student?
To do business a good idea is not enough: you need precise skills and an overview, which is exactly what I learned by studying at BBS. And then I advise everyone to never underestimate the network: new ideas are always born from the comparison, and opportunities multiply.


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