My Story, Our Story: Angela Sebastianelli, my under-30 career

1 August 2019

Born and raised in Parma, Angela Sebastianelli has a scientific-computer background and holds a law degree from the University of Parma, before discovering the world of marketing during one of her first work experiences: from there the need to specialize in the industry and the choice to enroll in the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend in 2012.

Let’s talk about yourself: who you are, where you come from and what your academic path was?

After graduation I immediately started my career in the multinational leader in the confectionery sector Sperlari/Saila/Dietorelle (at the time Leaf Italy) as a Legal specialist, engaged in prior art searches on trademarks and patents. It is precisely on this occasion that my passion for writing and communication meets marketing: during the launch of a new product (Sperlari Gran Perle) I give my creative contribution in the choice of naming by implementing first strategies of involvement and integrated communication. At that time I decided to return to Parma with a position as Chief Editor at the Gruppo Spaggiari and to set up various collaborations with Milan’s Communication Agencies. I become a freelance journalist and I collaborate with various magazines of a mostly juridical nature up to collaborations with Italia Oggi. I begin to collaborate with Eco Bnb, a young and ambitious web project of ecotourism and sustainability, winner of the Spinner Call and funded by the European Union, producing content in Italian and English and collaborating in the creation of an innovative search engine.

How did you come into contact with BBS and how did you choose to participate in an MBA?

After several specializations and courses at the IEA and Studio Samo Academy, my company decides to sponsor me completely for the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend. At the end of the experience at BBS I take on a managerial role at Sarce at just 29, a leading IT company in the management of travel and expense reports. My choice to undertake the Master was mainly dictated by the objective of building specific skills to operate in corporate marketing and in managerial contexts. Aware that only targeted training could help me in personal and professional growth, I opted for an MBA, by its very nature “cross”: I acquired skills to “do everything right”, maintaining verticality. Also to go against the saying that he would like those who do everything, it hurts … I chose BBS for its ranking, for its international community and for the network of virtuous companies that collaborate with it. Precisely for this reason, even today my company and I recognize BBS as the main incubator of innovation and development, the main source of recruitment and energy and comparison with the excellence of Italian business. Certainly acquiring notions such as the calculation of real and nominal GDP and the GDP deflator becomes crucial both to relate to the current socio-economic structure and to be taken into consideration within the board of Directors of its own company.

Quali sono le tue funzioni attuali?

As Sarce’s Marketing Manager, I manage a team of people dealing with web content, ADV and social campaigns, managing business units, partnerships and corporate events, as well as dealing personally with foreign markets for the SarceTravel APP, an innovative software that puts recognition vocal service for the administrative departments of companies: a real leap in quality to maximize the value of data and facilitate the sharing and use of applications within the company in a simple and standardized way.

How did you live the path of the MBA considered your humanistic education?

I was lucky enough to share my academic career with colleagues from very different backgrounds, and I would like to add that a humanistic approach was the perfect fertile territory for developing specific skills and offering me a 360-degree view of the business world. For me, the MBA was decisive for that career break I was looking for, and set my growth goals in the best possible way.

What would you recommend to a future student?

A Master’s degree and in particular the MBA gives you the perception that the exceptional can be born in absolute normality: we must not be afraid of change, and indeed we must have the courage to change. Evolution opens up incredible opportunities that must be seized. If the goal is “to become the best”, there is the possibility of becoming one by forming specific “long tail” themes, maintaining curiosity, interest, attention, desire to learn and to question oneself. It applies to everyone: from graduates to graduates, at any level. The Business School is an ecosystem capable of generating wealth and jobs, of offering quality services and high added value, of attracting talents by inviting them to grow: my advice is to make the most of the life experience and time spent in the Villa. Make relationships with the international students we meet and maybe one day, as in my case, they can become our students or listeners of tomorrow.

What are your short / medium range ambitions?

Sarce has become one of the most innovative IT companies in the last 10 years and its figure is to guarantee skills and solutions to make unprecedented information, in terms of volume, speed and diversity, accessible to companies, taking decision making beyond traditional limits of individual knowledge: these characteristics lead me to want to realize my ambitions in this company. I was able to participate in the world’s largest incubator of technologies serving the Business (Microsoft Inspire) and my next goal is to accompany Italian companies in a real digital transformation process, more voluntary than fanciful. Moreover, the future of digital is made up of Smart Assistants and augmented reality; at the level of marketing communication system, of “integrated communication”. Today web marketing is structured to offer an offer including Above The Line, which covers TV, radio, press, because creativity is one, marketing is one: what is underneath is only the channel “where you run” . With complete training, the future can only hold positive surprises.

Outside the workplace, what are your passions?

My free time is divided between my innate passion for writing and the creation of content, still collaborating with some magazines and in particular in the last period in the food & beverage sector (I’m a huge fan of wines and vineyards) and the horse riding: relating to such a complex animal and competing at a competitive level in my youth has accustomed me to establish positive relationships with what surrounds me and to fight for results. The riding practice becomes a school of respect and balance.



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