MGIncontri: Kamut, ancient grain for modern living

20 March 2015

Managers and guests come to Villa Guastavillani, to inspire and stimulate the Community of the Master in Business Management.

Kamut, ancient grain for modern living

May 20, 2015 – Kamut is an ancient Egyptian name to indicate the grain, cultivated for thousands of years in the fertile region between Egypt and Iran. In 1990, this variety of cereal was registrated as a brand in the US, in order to preserve its exceptional hypoallergenic and antioxidants characteristics. Today Kamut means strict controls on the production chain, attention to the quality of organic products and a widespread distribution worldwide. The students of  Master in Business Management had the opportunity to talk with Rebecca Rossi, Director Promotion Italy & Spain – Kamut Enterprises of Europe. In Italy there are about 1,200 products of this ancient grain, and more than 300 companies licensed to use the trademark.

Bahlsen flavored Marketing

May 20, 2015 – Mastery of the subject, communication skills and a strong sense of initiative allowed Enrico Neri, young marketing director of Bahlsen, to conquer Aula Magna at BBS.
Enrico shared his experience in this multinational German food company, specialized in biscuits, with the students.
After introducing the history of the company, he presented marketing strategies to the participants and revealed some future projects.
The topics under discussion were: the production process, product launching, distribution channels, marketing strategies and decision-making stages.
Also participating at MGI Incontri was a former student of the Master in Business Management Food & Wine, Claudia Cesari, currently Marketing Assistant at Bahlsen, who shared the story of her own career in the company.
In conclusion it was a real lesson in product marketing held by a professional whom is active in the business for over eight years.

Simone Moriconi: Crowdfunding beyond the money

April 21, 2015 – Startup, Project, Entreprenueurship and Freelancing are the key words that describe the work of 29-year-old marketing graduate, Simone Moriconi, the protagonist of “MGI incontri” on Tuesday 21 April.
A freelance consultant, expert in digital e-commerce strategies who introduces his testimony with this sentence: “People no longer want to merely own something but rather want to be part of the project itself.”
This interactive and engaging debate was focused on the increasingly discussed topic of startups and crowd funding, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Simone has shown the kind of dynamics, the set of skills and the labor necessary to be part of digital platforms, in order to create a strategic procemoniss of success and involve the “crowd” in creating both online and offline communities, bringing up examples of winning crowdfunding and startup projects nationally and internationally.

Carolina Wyser, a new Made in Italy

April 15, 2015 – So young, able and enthusiastic! Carolina Ricci, co-founder of Carolina Wyser, tells how she created her young brand of fashion and what are the next steps to promote it worldwide. Not only new strategies for distribution and promotion but above all a passion for details and workmanship of high quality, to give impetus to a new concept of Made in Italy.

Marketing Olfactory

April 14, 2015 – Maristella De Marchi, CEO of Emozioni Olfattive, showed us the importance of using senses in the buying process; especially smell appears to be the sensory port with the longest memory and with the more powerful effects, acting on a channel not saturated with redundant messages. People have always used smells to affect the surrounding environment, convey attention or arrange customers to purchase in clothing stores, fast-food restaurants, hotels, and pharmacies. The future of olfactory marketing also involve media and social networks. Special devices will be make our virtual experiences more real, engaging, and smelling.

The “ingredients” of Marco Campomaggi

March 31, 2015 – An intense and passionate story about the birth of a genuine Italian brand. Starting saling o the street their leather straps, Marco Campomaggi and Caterina Lucchi have created a style, where the link with the territory, the handmade philosophy and, the high quality are the protagonists of their products.

Their creations are beyond fashion, made by a great passion for manual and artistic work.

Marco invites the students to think in an innovative way. As future managers or entrepreneurs, they can not think about business like a merely profit-oriented activity. They will need to engage all the stakeholders, to grow with increasing the wealth of knowledge, and quality of Made in Italy.

Public Speaking

March 26, 2015 – Massimo Franceschetti starts the third INCONTRI, in order to explore the theme of Public Speaking.

The Director of the Executive MBA in Cooperative Enterprises provides some guidelines and tips to creative an effective and convincing presentation. Before the meeting you must always ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the frame of reference?
  2. Who and where are are my listeners?
  3. What are my goals?

Fix a time, a suitable location and a good rhythm is fundamental to attract and keep the attention of listeners.
During the next meeting, some students will present the group work carried out.

Liscia, gassata o…

March 19, 2015 – Michele Pontecorvo, PR Manager of Ferrarelle, was the second guest of INCONTRI, a serie of events dedicated to the entire community of Master in Business Management.

How can a 120 years old brand be reinvented in order to conquer new consumers? Michele Pontecorvo’s speech illustrated the different brands of Ferrarelle and the innovation introduced in its marketing sector to react to new competitors. The story was accompanied by the book “Liscia, gassata o…” (“Still, sparkling or …” is the thirty years old advertising slogan of Ferrarelle), made by Ferrarelle and published by Skira, an historical Italian publisher of art books.

INCONTRI is a series of appointments with businesses and managers that provide stimulation and inspiration to continue to grow.

The next appointment will be Thursday, March 26th with Massimo Franceschetti, scientific director of the Executive MBA Enterprise cooperative of Bologna Business School. The aim of the third MGIncontri is to get a closer look at Public Speaking.
All meetings will start at 18.

Inspiring meetings for continuous growth

March 10, 2015 – Uberto Fabbri Curcio, manager of Ducati Motor Holding, was the first guest of INCONTRI, dedicated to the entire community of the Master in Business Management.

Uberto Fabbri Curcio, Apparel and Merchandising Manager at Ducati Motor Holding and alumnus of BBS, spoke with participants about the Brand identity of Ducati. The basic values of Ducati’s Brand Image are authenticity, made in Italy and the quality performance of products. During the first meeting of INCONTRI, two different moments were dedicated to Scrambler and D-Air, a special suit for riders with incorporated airbag able to swell in 45 milliseconds, produced in partnership with Dainese.

The next “MgIncontri” will be Thursday, March 19 with Michele Pontecorvo, PR Manager of Ferrarelle.
All meetings will start at 18.


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