MGI Sessions 2016

9 May 2016

A series of meetings with companies, managers and people that stimulate, inspire and promote a desire of constant improvement to our students.  This round of meetings is dedicated to the Community of the Master in Business Management. Barbara Lorenzini, Marketing Professor at BBS, explains how these sessions came to be in order to stimulate the creativeness and proactiveness in students.

Barbara Lorenzi is a researcher, specialized in sports, territorial and mass-market retail marketing. Teaches Marketing and Product & Brand courses at the BBS, and as part of her role as a professor she organizes these special meetings with important personalities that share their experiences, of success and failure, with the students of the Master of Business Management. After all, important experiences always have their ups and downs.

“After 6 p.m., after the regular hours of the Master’s courses, I have created this series of events as a small “corner” where we do as possible to engage our students in relatively informal conversations with experienced professionals and their stories. Such sessions are held at the beautiful Aula Fuoco in Villa Guastavillani, which is favorable to generate a more intimate and friendly ambiance to share ideas.”
“Within the Master’s program, these meetings belong to our personal development initiatives. Our guest speakers are managers with interesting case studies or BBS ex-students with their own entrepreneurial projects. Some other times our guests come from different backgrounds, such as athletes for example, that can provide stories where sacrifice, preparation and results serve as a metaphor to the effort required behind success.”


“They should be communicative, spontaneous, and willing to exchange ideas in a very interactive way. The more stimulating meetings, tend to be when ex-students come back to present their start-ups. More often than not, the business ideas are born within BBS, usually during informal situations like having a spritz at the bar. Some other times, these ideas remain dormant for some time before being able to develop, usually after having some relevant professional experiences.


“I believe the most important issue to address in the education of the students is to stimulate the sense of initiative. Especially since our Masters’ objectives are to create entrepreneurial ideas. With these meetings I intend to spread the idea that you need to put on hard work in order to be prepared, instead of waiting around for things to happen.”


“I am very excited about finding managers willing to share a story of failure. In one session, very educational, will be explained the launch process of a product, all the decisions made that seemed right at the moment, but after two years of the launch proved to be wrong. Our guest made himself available to discuss and analyze with our students all the steps taken. This means interact and put oneself on the line.”


“Our objective is also that of giving the chance to our students to be exposed to an opportunity to find a job. It happened last year that many of the companies that visited us hired our students as interns. In fact, in these sessions, a lot of spontaneous applications from our students occur, as they are exposed to interesting business cases that not necessarily belong to our school’s business network. Certainly, they also are in need of young and talented minds coming from BBS.”


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