Medici Summer School at BBS

12 June 2018

BBS organizes in collaboration with HEC Paris and MIT Sloan School of Management the 10th edition of the Medici Summer School, the summer school for PhD students and young researchers that will be held at Villa Guastavillani from 11 June to 15 June 2018.

The Medici Summer School is designed to promote education and research in the field of organizational theory and related fields (economic sociology, management studies, strategy) and contribute to the development of enlightened practices in the management of business organizations.

The Medici Summer School is a unique educational program for doctoral students, who have the opportunity to interact with thought leaders in the management sector. The School combines lectures and research seminars held by eminent international scholars with the active involvement of the participating students. Each day ends with the presentation of student research.

Overall, the goal of the 2018 edition of the Summer School is to shed light on the role of organizations as vehicles for social change. The Summer School wants to provide students with theoretical and methodological tools that allow them to extricate themselves in a complex theoretical landscape, define key questions, identify open questions and outline the central ideas for a future program dedicated to understanding the organizational bases of social transformation.


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