#MBALecture: The geopolitics of food. The role of Italy in the year of the Expo.

7 May 2015

Maurizio Martina, the current Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry of the Italian Government, met the Community of BBS to speak about Italy’s role during the biggest event ever organized on the topic of food: the Expo, In Milan.

“I advise you to consider the global food challenge to better assess regional and local issues, from the Arab Spring to the Ukrainian crisis. Looking, for Africa, for example, you can not think of land use and land grabbing as crucial factors of complexity. “So Maurizio Martina, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry with the delegation to Expo, greeted all the students and the Community of Bologna Business School of the University of Bologna.

After a welcome from the Dean, Max Bergami, from the Chef and Patron of Osteria Francescana Massimo Bottura and from the economist Severino Salvemini, the Minister Martina spoke about the role of Expo 2015 in the week of its inauguration. “The main theme is not what remains in a mere physical way” – Martina said – ” This exhibition opens a new, purely political frontier, its legacy is intangible and wants to allow the international community to take a leap of quality on a crucial theme, that of food, that is the real challenge of the millennium.”



“Italy has an extraordinary biodiversity, from the Dolomites to Sicily. We have a diplomacy of the food that is a major political lever, – the Minister continued – and I see it concretely with Expo. The whole world recognizes in Italy a special sensitivity about this issue. This lever, placed in a strategic project for the country, can make a difference. We can help the international community to develop more and better some of these issues.”

Maurizio Martina was born in Calcinate (BG) on September 9, 1978. He is married and has two children. After graduating at the Agricultural Technical Institute of Bergamo, he obtained a degree in Political Science. In 1999 he was elected city councilor, a position he held until 2004. In 2004 after a militant youth organization of the Democratici di Sinistra (editor’s note: literally, Democratic Left, the first attempt to unite the historical Italian parties of the parliamentary left), was elected Secretary of the Province of Bergamo. In 2006 he was appointed Regional Secretary of the Left Democrats in Lombardy. In 2007 he was among the founders of the Partito Democratico (editor’s note: literally, Democratic Party). In the same year, as a result of the primaries, he was elected first secretary of the Partito Democratico in Lombardy.


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