Flexible MBA

Bologna Business School‘s MBAs are study paths dedicated to professionals who wish to expand their skills to develop managerial tools for a specific function, business area or sector. The curricula are aimed at entrepreneurs and managers wishing to update their knowledge to strengthen their skills and aspire to improve their career paths to reach apical and strategic roles for the company.


MBA Evening: a concentrated, on-site course (2 classroom meetings per week) to move from operational roles to managerial positions. Strengthen leadership, take on new skills, hands-on knowledge and develop a powerful personal network. Average age 35 years.

Duration 18 months | Language: ITALIAN | Format: PART-TIME, EVENING


MBA Weekend: personal and professional growth through in-person study (two-day on-campus sessions – Fridays and Saturdays – per month) and advanced study through the BBS e-learning platform. One theoretical and one applied part for profiles with an average of 8 years of professional experience who aspire to strong professional growth towards apex managerial roles. Average age 35 years.

Duration 20-24 months | Language: ITALIAN | Format: PART-TIME, WEEKEND


Hybrid MBA: acquire management and leadership skills to lead a business area. A hybrid formula was created to meet the specific needs of vertical profiles who want to expand their knowledge. A cross-disciplinary training that combines online educational sessions with on-campus events. Average age 35 years.

Duration 18-20 months | Language: ITALIAN | Format: PART-TIME, HYBRID


Hybrid MBA English Editions: focused on an international perspective, a flexible and organic study path that complements the online course with on-campus sessions to strengthen personal interaction and business network. Average age 35 years.

Duration 16-18 months | Language: ENGLISH | Format: PART-TIME, HYBRID