#MBALecture: Martin Reeves

19 March 2015

For the first time  at the MAST Foundation of Bologna Martin Reeves, Senior Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group in New York, presented his new book “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy” to an audience of over 400 guests.



The presentation was on the themes covered in his book, coming out in June 2015. The main challenge that Reeves introduces is how to renew the models of strategic decision in a world where technological innovations are multiplying, fragmented and changing the logic of the different production environments. Noting the ineffectiveness of traditional strategic model nowadays, Reeves began a search for new frameworks and decision-making tools, best suited to the needs of constant change and recalculation of strategic companies.


After the initial welcome by Massimo Bergami, Dean of Business School Bologna, and Simone Ferriani, Professor of Strategy and Director of the Global MBA Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses, Reeves explained the five strategic models that make up the palette strategy, designed to allow managers to consciously mix different ways of thinking about strategy. In conclusion, Angelos Papadimitriou, CEO of Coesia Group, compared the theory of Reeves with the concrete experience of strategic remodeling of a large holding as Coesia Group. Martin Reeves joined the Boston Consulting Group in 1989 in London, later moving to Tokyo. He has directed the Japanese section for health services for eight years,  as well as becoming responsible for BCG’s business with international clients. He has held numerous strategic and organizational positions, both for individual companies and for industrial associations. Be Inspired!


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