MBA – G20 Insights on Green Growth, Climate Change and Sustainability

18 February 2014

Mr. Viktor Philippenko from G20 Foundation will present a seminar on G20 Insights on Green Growth, Climate Change and Sustainability.

“The G20 Foundation has presented an interesting lecture at Alma Graduate School about Green Growth, Sustainability and Climate Change issues within the G20 framework. The two guest speakers Victor Philippenko and Bettina Meyer-Breiting, gave an overview of the G20 as an organization as well as its current governance process.

The G20 Foundation is an independent actor within the G20 process, which tries to push for governance innovation, aiming at creating a framework for a more efficient G20. From what was explained by the guest speakers, G20 Foundation’s goal is to try raising awareness with all stakeholders on issues that should be prioritized within the G20 framework and pushing for continuity of issues raised in previous meetings. They strive to enable relevant issues to be addressed, as well as help show G20 governments that there is follow-up by other non-governmental stakeholders.”

Nizar Al-Schekhli, MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses

G20 is a group of 20 major economies which represent 90% of the world’s overall GDP, 80% of world trade and 2/3 of the world’s population. As a result of a G20 Summit, the heads of state produce a leaders declaration, where they agree to a number of macro economical reforms and regulations. Since Green Growth, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency were significant agenda topics through past G20 presidencies, the first part of this lecture will evaluate the success of the governance process and identify key obstacles for implementation. The second part will deal with governance innovation and dialogue facilitation between governments, businesses, academia and civil society. Inclusiveness will be underlined as an important measure for improvement of quality and acceptance of the governmental decision making process. Find out more on G20 and the “Insight on Green Growth, Climate Change and Sustainability” conference here.

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About the Speaker
Victor Philippenko, Founder and Chairman of the Executive Board of the G20 Foundation
Victor Philippenko is a strong supporter of “Outreach Dialogue” since his first involvement with G20 back in 2009 and significantly contributed to the integration of major stakeholders from business, academia, public institutions, and youth organizations, the initiative that he introduced to Christine Lagarde at the G20 Summit at Cannes Summit in 2010. Within the G20 outreach process, Mr. Philippenko is a member of the Civil G20 Group on Environmental Sustainability, country chair for G8 Young Summit and an initiator of Green Growth Forum, which was highly supported by major corporations and German federal government. His previous roles range from the CEO position with a research and development company in the area of renewable energy to consulting engagements with clients across the world with a Frankfurt-based legal and tax consulting practice for family offices. He served as deputy chairman and business assembly member of G-20Y Summit and prepared recommendations for G-20 Heads of State and leading International Organizations like IMF, World Bank and EBRD. He has been nominated as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and is the Founding Curator of Global Shapers Hub in Frankfurt am Main. Mr. Philippenko studied Economics at the J.W.Goethe University and Business Law at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.


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