Master in Business Management

A master program built on projects with companies!

“The Master in Business Management provides access to management careers in the leading sectors of the economy.
Collaboration with companies is the focus of the Master’s program. It is evidenced by lectures and entire courses taught by managers and consultants, and by the development of several business projects set on specific problems of partner companies. Our Master’s program will provide you with generalist management skills and allow you to focus on issues set in a specific industry context. You will learn how to combine marketing, finance, and production techniques with an understanding of the typical aspects of a specific field of reference.
The combination of lectures, cases, testimonials, group work, internships, and in-company projects will build the necessary cognitive background for the manager’s job and will be an essential experience for successfully entering the company.
With you will be a Community of Alumni, faculty, and managers from different industries, professions, and countries with whom to engage and grow over the years.”

A series of meetings with companies, managers and personalities to provide input, inspiration and continue to grow. A series of evening meetings dedicated to the members of the Community of the Master in Business Management.



Alice Barera

Regional Sales Manager, Ethica Wines North America & Asia-Pacific
MGI - Food & Wine (A.A. 2014/2015)

"The Master's program was an extremely valuable and enriching experience. The collaboration projects with companies definitely played a key role: from dealing directly with entrepreneurs, to developing business plans together with my fellow students. I learned what teamwork, leadership and time management mean, which are fundamental skills in the business world. The lectures were an inspiration to understand that you never stop learning and that you should never be afraid to ask questions."

Beatrice Baroni

Food & Beverage Expert, Sisal Group
MGI - Food & Wine (A.Y. 2015/2016)

"The master is crucial for setting up an entrepreneurial mindset and having real contact with the world of management and business. This is possible thanks to the many concrete business cases faced in class and thanks to professionals, professors, alumni and entrepreneurs who bring their testimonies directly in the classroom. During the internship I found many aspects faced during the course, and I could apply them practically. The master is not a simple course of study, but it is a life experience, intense and decisive to set your own future."

Claudia Cesari

Category Specialist Food Division - Bonomelli & Infrè, Montenegro
MGI - Food & Wine (A.A. 2013/2014)

"The Master has been the fundamental step between the academic years and the job market. The high quality of the teaching methods and the close link the business world have been very important for my experience. It allows me to have immediately a job opportunity. I continued to work in the same company where I did my internship for one year, afterwards, I was hired by another company which is closely connected to the school."

Lucrezia Monsagrati

Trade Marketing Manager, Pladis Global
MGI - Food & Wine (A.Y. 2015/2016)

"After finishing my law studies, I felt the need to change and I needed the best training to enter the business world. The Master has trained me both in content, focusing on the core aspects of Marketing and Management, and on a personal level by making me grow and enter into a more working and study perspective. The Master has provided me with all the tools needed to face the labour market. A journey that I would do again!"

Marco Casadei

Group Brand Manager, Euro Company
MGI - Food and Wine (A.Y. 2012/2013)

"The Master was an important moment of personal and professional growth. The first months allowed me to acquire skills that I still use in the company, while the second part represented the common ground that I missed between theory and the labour market. The availability and experience of the teachers, together with the close relationship with the companies, make the school environment an absolutely stimulating context in which projects and new business ideas can arise every day. An intense year, which I remember with great pleasure!"

Monica Petreni

Responsabile Ospitalità, Castello di Ama
MGI - Food & Wine (A.Y. 2012/2013)

"For me the Master has represented the crucial turning point between university theory and work practice. The master allowed me to look at the single 'company' as a set of devices that work together for the success of the whole. Months of full immersion in lessons in economics, marketing, finance and project work are summarized in a cultural and experiential baggage that in the working reality allow a great competitive advantage."