Martina Mariani, Master Full-time in Finanza, Controllo & Auditing

16 September 2020

Martina Mariani, Alumna of the Finance, Control & Auditing Master’s, now works for Deloitte, a context rich in challenges, that pushes her to always give her best. The Master’s strength? For Martina, it’s the Bologna Business School Staff that, together with the environment, very close to the world of work, and team working, helped her to make the most of every moment of this invaluable experience.

Tell us about your professional career.

I attended a three-year course in International and Diplomatic Sciences and graduated at the University of Genoa. Then I continued with the additional two years, majoring in Public Administrations and Policies. I was a few exams short of my degree when I felt the need of a more prestigious training for the labor market, focusing on economics. I participated in the Finance, Control & Auditing Master’s at the Bologna Business School and it’s been one of the most instructive experiences of my entire university career. I’m currently working in Milan for Deloitte, supporting CFOs and, in general, in the Finance area. It’s a challenging job that daily pushes you beyond what you already know, a job in which I manage to grow, also thanks to the solid foundations laid by my studies at BBS.

Why did you decide to resume your education and how did you choose BBS?

I felt the need for a more comprehensive training, more suited to a future access to the labor market. I did some research and selected BBS, which stood out among the first in Italy for the type of training I was looking for. After attending various Open Days in Bologna and Milan, I chose Bologna.

According to you, what are the program’s strengths?

One of the strong points is definitely the Staff, always ready to receive students’ requests and also suggestions for future improvements. The environment is much more like the world of work than a university environment, which allows you to be trained and ready to start your career at the top of your potential. Even after months have gone by, I’m still in touch with some of the Staff and for me, they’re still points of reference, over time.
While in educational terms, one of the strengths is the importance attached to teamwork in almost all courses, which helps improving yourself and the relationship with others, fundamental to be able to work.

Your short- and long-term goals?

To go on working in my field, to learn as much as possible to be able to grow professionally and, in a few years, go back to BBS for an Executive MBA. For sure, the next 5 years will be fully devoted to learning and studying in order to better define my professional figure, on which then to create a career.

What would you suggest to someone who is starting this course?

Make use of every instant within the walls of Villa Guastavillani: this is the first piece of advice I should mention. Regardless of the type of Master’s you choose to attend, rely on and listen to the Faculty, they’re always ready to help, even outside of class hours. It’s a unique training experience, it’s definitely a year full of commitment and during which so much is required from you, but at the same time it’s rich in personal and team rewards. Therefore, my advice is: study and be proactive for every new challenge!

Martina Mariani – Italy

Master in Finance, Control & Auditing – Class 2018/2019


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