Marketing Management – job positions

Marketing Manager: Strategic steering of marketing initiatives

The Marketing Manager is responsible for planning, implementing and executing marketing initiatives aimed at promoting products or services and increasing brand visibility. Responsible for the planning and execution of marketing campaigns, he/she works with internal and external teams to define objectives, identify target audiences and ensure that marketing initiatives achieve the desired results.


Brand and Product Manager: Brand and product development and management

The Brand and Product Manager has a key role in brand and product development and management. Responsibilities include supporting the planning of branding strategies, coordinating communication agencies for new product launches, monitoring online and offline campaigns to ensure visibility and market penetration, and working with the product development team.


Sales Manager: Management and leadership of the sales team

The Sales Manager is responsible for managing and leading the sales team to achieve company objectives. He/she formulates short- and long-term sales strategies, manages the entire sales cycle, participates in negotiations with key customers and in business partnerships. He is also responsible for acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing ones.


Trade Marketing Manager: Developing strategies to optimise sales

The Trade Marketing Manager develops and implements marketing strategies to improve sales activities and optimise relations with distribution channels. He collaborates with the sales team to understand customer needs and develop targeted plans. He/she creates distribution channel-specific materials and analyses sales and marketing data on a daily basis to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and make optimisations.