Maria Beatrice Ragni, Master in Business Management : “BBS was a springboard for continuous opportunities”

17 September 2019


Mine is an atypical path; I graduated in Law but already during the last year of university I realized that I wanted to do more than the classic legal professions. I started looking around, talking to some friends who, like me, had “left the track” and learned about the Bologna Business School masters. Why a master’s degree? Because on the one hand it was the best tool for bridging the “gap” in economic skills that my degree had not given me, and on the other I felt the need to give my training a more practical and business-oriented approach . So I enrolled in the Master in Business Management / Made in Italy.


The uniqueness of this Master is not just an excellent training program and an excellent teaching staff. The strength is, in my opinion, its ability to create meetings, to provide you with the possibility of confrontation with professionals and managers, with whom you can talk directly, to be able to see the passion that animates them in their work closely. In a word: Opportunities. But BBS was much more, it was the point where I realized that my intuition of wanting to do business was achievable. The Master was definitely the springboard to get where I am today, above all it allowed me to acquire a transversal knowledge of the various business functions, with an analytical, practical, and constructive approach, above all thanks to the proposed group projects that made us immediately put the “hands-on” and approach the corporate mentality with an overview. This is very important in my daily work, for the launch of a new product it is essential to deal with all the teams involved in the design, production, promotion and sales with the aim of offering something unique in terms of characteristics and quality, capable of stand out from the competition. I hope to continue to grow professionally and humanly in this direction.


Today I am Junior Product Manager at Coswell, an important company in the Bologna area, leader in the production of Personal Care, Health Food and Perfumery products, still really 100% Made in Italy. Within the Personal Care division I deal with everything related to the product, from the idea to the launch. I work in a dynamic and stimulating context, there are many aspects to consider: market analysis, project feasibility assessment, costs, and problems related to the production phase, up to monitoring a range of products throughout their life cycle on the market.


During the year of the Masters beautiful friendships were born and with one of my companions also a project to make something of ours, I hope in a few years to be able to return to BBS to tell this. So my advice to those who register today is to be determined, positive and passionate. Because the year of the Master is an investment in oneself, not only for the academic skills needed to approach the world of work, but makes you discover and rediscover your passions, aspirations, and the possibility of putting yourself on the line.

Maria Beatrice Ragni – Italy

Master in Business Management / Made in Italy – Class 2016/2017


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