Marco Fortino, International EMBA

10 June 2020

Alumnus of the International EMBA, Marco Fortino in just 10 years has built a dynamic and international profile linked to the digital transformation, completed by the path carried out in BBS.

What is your professional career? 

Over the past 10 years, since I entered the world of work, I have had the opportunity to build an international profile thanks to the many experiences abroad in the largest multinational companies in the IT world, covering commercial and business development tasks. IBM, Google, Fujitsu, SAP and Oracle alternated in my stops between Ireland and Spain, with a short period spent in Italy, right in Bologna. These experiences have developed in me a very advanced negotiation capacity, which has led me to specialize in conducting complex negotiations on projects closely related to digital transformation, today’s priority of all Italian and non-Italian companies. For two years I worked as a Sales Manager at Injenia, one of the main Google Cloud partners in Italy. For a year now, I have decided to abandon the IT world, to join CuraLife, an Israeli start-up in the nutraceutical sector focused on chronic diseases: while changing the sector, I have always remained in the B2B business area, all inside which I hold the role of Head of Global Partnerships.

Why did you decide to continue your training and how did you choose BBS? 

The reasons why I decided to undertake a new training course are primarily linked to the need for continuous personal and professional growth. I am convinced that each person travels at a slow pace without the support of the study of new methodologies of approach and the sharing of experiences, both positive and negative. In my opinion, expanding knowledge gained in the field helps to improve the ability to make the most appropriate decisions at the right time, projecting the final results. Also, I believe that embarking on a training course has already several years of work experience behind it, provides a different reading key in the interpretation of certain situations, compared to those with only their studies behind them. For this reason, I thought it necessary to allow me to review and analyze some issues from a different angle. I must recognize that the contents as well as the format of the program met what were the training objectives that I wanted to deepen. All this with the awareness of relying on BBS, a name recognized for its quality and prestige levels.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the Executive program? 

The combination theory-practice (the study of notions with access to experiences as best practice) and teachers-managers (university professors and managers or professionals of companies) is the main strength of such a program. All this lived with study colleagues of different nationalities and with different experiences, helps, even more, to make people understand how “diversity” plays a key role in the quality of a training course like the one just completed.

How do you feel to advise those who are about to choose BBS? 

I advise future participants of the Master to dedicate the time and attention necessary to live this experience as a great personal and professional opportunity.


Marco Fortino – Italy

International EMBA – Class 2019/2020



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