Manlio Trabucco | Hybrid MBA English edition

29 December 2022

Manlio Trabucco, Director at NTDE Group, chose the Hybrid MBA English edition to benefit from an international, English-language, online and live MBA that would allow him to reconcile study and work. In this interview, he tells us about his experience. 

The Hybrid MBA is an innovative, unique program. Why did you choose this path to deepen and complete your education, and how did you find it?

I was looking for an internationally-recognized MBA in English to widen my professional network in Italy. The Hybrid MBA English edition was perfect as it attracts a heterogeneous group of English-speaking professionals. We interacted with the best “Made in Italy” companies partners of the Business School. Also, the advantage of having live online lessons is ideally suited to my profile. I currently live in Dubai and often travel around the GCC for work: the online setup allowed me to participate almost 100% in the lessons and Leadership Talks. Hybrid MBA subjects are up-to-date: they matched my development areas and kept me engaged through the courses.

One of the unique features of the Hybrid MBA English edition is the Smart week on campus, designed to offer participants a concrete opportunity for networking and direct comparison with BBS partner companies. How was your Smart week? Did it meet your expectations?

I enjoyed every minute of our Smart week. It was great to finally meet my colleagues and some of the professors. In all fairness, expectations were very high as most of us had to travel from far, but it was a success. The BBS partner companies welcomed us with great enthusiasm and professionalism. The onsite activities were balanced and well thought out. We had time to bond and work on a challenging project in the beautiful environment of BBS Villa Guastavillani.

What will you take, or have you already taken from this path into your profession? How do you expect it to improve or change after completing the Master’s course? 

I have taken back in my day-to-day job many different tools and approaches. 


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