Made in Italy, a key component of Brand Identity

6 December 2019

The different impact that technological products and artisan products have on the market is increasingly evident. The two “history factors” are different, almost absent in the technological good and well defined in the artisan one.

In today’s context characterized by mass production of standardized goods, the history of a brand represents an added value for the company, a competitive advantage that contributes to the creation of the “memory of the brand”.

Part of the brand identity is in fact the brand heritage which consists in making the brand unique by exploiting the historical heritage built over time by the company.
An example of brand heritage is the Made in Italy, an expression that immediately evokes a specific lifestyle and a high aesthetic care, capable of arousing in the mind of the consumer sensations linked to the richness of different sectors: from design to fashion to food.

“The essence of Made in Italy is the union between creativity, people, passion, culture and elegance”, says Angelo Manaresi, Scientific Director of the Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods of Bologna Business School.

To stand out in the current market it is necessary to know how to exploit the value of the brand, building a business that focuses on tradition and innovation.

Bologna Business School through the Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods, provides students with the tools necessary to identify the best management strategies oriented to the luxury sector.

“We work with prestigious companies in the sector to help students pursue their future careers and provide them with the skills they need to compete in today’s business world”, concludes Angelo Manaresi.


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