Macarena Echeverria, Global MBA Food and Wine: from the vineyards of Chile to the hills of Chianti Classico

28 May 2019


My name is Macarena Echeverria, I come from Chile and I am an agricultural engineer with a specialization in oenology. During the Global MBA Food and Wine that I am attending at Bologna Business School, we visited the Antinori Winery, an estate in the heart of Chianti Classico managed by the homonymous family, dedicated to wine production for over six hundred years. An activity that began when, in 1385 Giovanni di Piero Antinori became part of the Florentine Art of the Vinattieri, one of the guilds of the arts and crafts of Florence.

A unique experience to learn about the wine business in Italy, through a vision that is embracing tradition and innovation since generations. Our visit made me realize that a winery is both a business and a legacy to cherish: as soon as we entered the property, we perceived the strength of a project perfectly incorporated within the surrounding environment, halfway between Florence and Siena. Specifically, the day included a guided tour of the winery where they explained to us the production processes, followed by a meeting with the Marketing Manager who shared the work methodology, the annual turnover of the company and above all the how they promote the brand and its distribution channels. We have understood how the focus of the company’s marketing strategy relies on respect for the territory of each structure, both in Italy and abroad.

Moreover, the structure of the winery itself, built with natural materials such as terracotta and wood, focuses on the deep and rooted bond with the land, in respect of the place that hosts the family business. The cellar overlooks the countryside through a terrace surrounded by the vineyard cultivated with the typical Chianti Classico variety, the Sangiovese, together with the others that are historically placed side by side. “A sacred place of silence”, as defined by the architect of Antinori Marco Casamonti, designed to allow winemaking “by gravity” and to guarantee in a natural way the ideal temperature for the production and conservation of wine.

It was very interesting to learn from within the business mechanisms of the Antinori property, which had already entered my professional life when I was still living in Chile. For four years I worked as a second oenologist at the Haras de Pirque vineyard, since 2017 owned by the Florentine family, which already in 2003 controlled it partially through a joint venture.

I consider myself a persevering and very conscientious person. I like working in a team to share my knowledge and at the same time learn from others. Wine production is my passion: I love the close relationship that exists with nature and I wish to transform that passion in a path of professional growth.

So, after a training in Oenology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a specialization in Strategic Management in Sustainability at the University of Valparaiso, I matured an intense field experience that allowed me to come into direct contact with this sector. However, I wanted to research deeply the market and closely explore the customer preferences and the new trends of this globally important business.


In this phase BBS represented many things to me: it offered to me not only a complete training course thanks to a faculty composed by academics and professionals, but it also constituted the opportunity to breathe a multicultural environment: from the first day I shared my experience with other students from all over the world, and it made me able to observe every single theme under the most varied point of view.

To all this I would add a very practical approach designed to work immediately on various projects, which led me to feel much more professionally prepared, and ready to face the challenges of an increasingly globalized market.


I would like to continue my journey within the sector, acquiring a significant experience in the wine sector in Italy, in order to be able to work as a manager in this area in the future.


The BBS Global MBA with a specialization in Food & Wine offered me the basis to develop an overall vision, and on the other hand to understand management, marketing and finance skills and export strategies, thanks to a network of professionals with whom you immediately come into contact during the course.


I would suggest to the future students of the Global MBA Food and Wine to make the most of every single opportunity offered during the year at BBS, especially by developing the network of contacts with the faculty and fellow students and, not least, to fully enjoy the beauty of Bologna and its surroundings. Which, especially for those of us who are interested in the food and wine heritage, is an inexhaustible source of ideas and beauty.



Macarena Echeverria – Chile

Global MBA Food and Wine – Class of 2018/2019


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