Life Sciences. From today’s emergency, tomorrow’s managers

21 October 2020

Never as in this historical period we’re realizing how important is a correct managerial approach in the Healthcare sector, from services to citizens to research in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields. The Master’s in Business Administration, Life Sciences and Med Tec track at BBS has been designed to train the professionals who, in a very near future, will lead this very strategic sector.

The BBS Full-time offer of courses features a series of targeted tracks aiming at combining business management with the different sectors it is applied to. Key sectors for the growth of a country, among which Healthcare is naturally included, in all its aspects.

Suffice it to think of the large number of companies that in Italy work in the pharmaceutical sector, employing over 66 thousand people, 1.1% of industry total employees. If we then expand our vision to the production of medical devices and healthcare products, including satellite activities, not only industrial but commercial ones as well, we reach a total of 305 thousand employees*, destined to grow not only because of the particular period the sector must manage, but also the population average age increase.

The program was specifically designed to train the future healthcare managers: it integrates classroom activities, team works, workshops and testimonials by the enterprises, to end with an internship in a company.

And there’s more. Those who choose to attend the Full-time Life Sciences and Med Tec Master’s at BBS follow a pathway towards learning soft skills, ranging from Public Speaking to Business English, from negotiation to Business Planning, skills that are essential in such a sensitive sector.

“Thanks to this master’s, you will access as a protagonist an increasingly interesting sector career-wise and from the point of view of your professional growth” explains Angelo Manaresi, Scientific Director. “The biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices industry is indeed looking for figures that can rely not only on a strong technical-scientific background, but also on the ability to relate to the different players, managing and understanding the changes of a constantly evolving sector and facing innumerable economic-financial constraints.”

Choosing BBS is the right move to do if you’re interested in this kind of career, not just for the program, but also the presence in our area of international level companies working in the pharmaceutical and pharma-cosmetic sectors and the development of entire industrial districts, like the biomedical one, primarily for export.

Therefore, a privileged starting point for a career in one of the most promising sectors of our economy, not simply because of the current health emergency, but also in view of the challenges arising from the contemporary industrial and social scenario. Facing these challenges require companies to innovate with an increasingly conscious approach, focusing on the use of resources and respecting all individuals involved.



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