Life Science and Medtech – Job Positions

Technical Business Manager: Technical and Commercial Management

The Technical Business Manager is responsible for both technical and commercial management of the company’s activities. By coordinating the technical department with the commercial requirements, he ensures that the company achieves its objectives by integrating operational efficiency and market strategies. His main activities include identifying market opportunities, developing product strategies, managing the entire product life cycle from development to commercialisation, and evaluating technical and scientific data in order to guide strategic business decisions.


Life Science and Biotech Consultant: Strategic and operational consulting in the life science and biotechnology sector

The Life Science and Biotech Consultant provides expert advice on business development, commercialisation and market positioning strategies as well as research and development initiatives for new products and therapies. He works with companies to develop strategies, implement innovative solutions and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulatory requirements, identifying complex challenges and proposing innovative solutions to improve overall business performance.


Marketing Manager: Strategic steering of marketing initiatives

The Marketing Manager is responsible for planning, implementing and executing marketing initiatives aimed at promoting products or services and increasing brand visibility. Responsible for the planning and execution of marketing campaigns, he/she works with internal and external teams to define objectives, identify target audiences and ensure that marketing initiatives achieve the desired results.


Brand and Product Manager: Brand and product development and management

The Brand and Product Manager plays a key role in brand and product development and management. Responsibilities include supporting the planning of branding strategies, coordinating communication agencies for new product launches, monitoring online and offline campaigns to ensure visibility and market penetration, and working with the product development team.


Sales Controlling Manager: Managing and supervising sales performance

The Sales Controlling Manager is responsible for monitoring and optimising a company’s sales activities. His or her main activities include analysing sales data, evaluating the performance of the sales team and developing strategies to maximise sales efficiency, ensuring alignment with corporate objectives.