Lealem Fentaw Kassie:”I have never ever been in a stronger position than now to achieve my goals.”

26 June 2018

My name is Lealem Fentaw Kassie. I came from Ethiopia, one of the cradles of ancient civilization, “the land of orgins”. I am now working in LepidaSPA as a finance intern as part of my Global MBA in Corporate Finance at Bologna Business School. Besides, I have more than five-years work experiences in tax auditing, customer service and finance positions in my country of origin.

Everyone wants to study at historic universities like that of Bologna. It is an undoubted fact that University of Bologna is one of the best European universities which provides students with high quality education and a practical problem solving capacity.

BBS is a place of diversity. It is however the positive effect the Global MBA program had on a friend of mine who studied at BBS and landed with international exposure and experience as well as the great career he could achieve back home, that significantly influenced my decision to apply for the program. I was persuaded that the program would help me to expand my horizon and familiarize myself with corporate finance and international business administration. I also believed that the program would equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to start a consultancy business in the future.

Bologna, in Italy, was my first destination outside my country. It is normal to be a little bit anxious when going somewhere you have never been to. Thanks to my friends and the very hospitable community of BBS, I have never had a better time. It gave me beautiful and thoughtful friends with different backgrounds. The educational system is very pragmatic and interesting. Not only did the courses familiarize me with the major theories and their application to solve practical problems in the field, they also taught me to work competently under enormous challenges. The first year was, in many ways, like no other.

Bologna Business School is the right place to acquire high quality education. We had the chance to learn both from highly qualified and internationally-acclaimed instructors and from bright colleagues. The MBA team was always there to help me and to make my every day in the campus more exciting.

The BBS Global MBA is preparing me for my career ahead. Acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, I have never ever been in a stronger position than now to achieve my goals. All my expectations are met! BBS is the best thing that happened to me.


Lealem Fentaw Kassie – Ethiopia

Global MBA in Corporate Finance – Class of 2016/2017


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