The potential of international tourism, a sector in continuous growth

6 November 2019

International tourism on the rise, but with increasingly precise requirements. This is the photography of the sector made by ENIT – National Tourism Agency, which recorded a 6% increase in luxury tourism in Italy, and confirmed by Travel Trends 2019 drafted by TripAdvisor, which talks about a parallel increase in eco-friendly tours, the boom in online bookings for ‘skip the line’ entries, and new healthy tours: completely new trends that require professionals able to facilitate change in companies in the sector.

Tourists willing to spend, but with clear ideas about the type of services they want: we are now far from the paradigm of the classic holiday or simple cultural excursion and to increase the flow that in Italy generates revenues of 1.7 billion dollars (source TTG Travel Experience, the largest trade fair in the sector), specific managerial skills are needed, able to combine the skills related to the marketing world with in-depth knowledge of the territory, combining the ability to analyze the market with a managerial approach aimed at the end consumer, in constant transformation.

“It is important that in this phase of expansion in Italy, in Emilia Romagna and also in Bologna of the economic sectors of tourism, culture and events, the opportunity for a greater managerial culture is seized, to manage and consolidate growth towards the best the high end of the market and towards sustainability, to avoid the collateral effects of the massification of tourist flows and cultural banalization”– declares Angelo Manaresi, Scientific Director of the Master in Business Management – Tourism, Heritage and Events.

A context in continuous evolution, which requires experts in the sector to increasingly specialize in order to meet the challenges of change and to guide international tourism developments.


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