The opportunities of the New Silk Road

7 November 2019

The Silk Road is a term impregnated with the history that from Marco Polo to today recognizes to our country a privileged role in commercial relations with the East.

The name appeared for the first time in 1877 in the account of the German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen to indicate the network of about 8,000 km, consisting of land, sea and river routes along which trades between the Chinese empire and that had unfolded Roman in antiquity.

Yet Italy and China have never been as close as in this 2019.

New Silk Road project, to sanction a series of bilateral agreements that include Chinese investments in Italian ports and joint construction sites in Africa. On the negotiating table, there is also a more significant mutual presence in the banking sector, in the trade in agricultural products, in food exports and tourism.

China, the fifth commercial partner for the Italian industry, is confirmed as a market full of opportunities and is at the center of our country’s economic agenda.

A dynamic scenario full of challenges for Italy, where managerial profiles with targeted training able to seize the new business opportunities offered by the Far East are increasingly in demand.

New opportunities are increasingly numerous both for the Made in Italy business promotion Italy, how much to take the reins of this infrastructure project aimed at connecting Asia and Europe, passing through Africa.

If you have a passion for Eastern cultures and want to acquire professionalism and tools to play a crucial role in the processes of internationalization of companies in these markets, the Master in Business Management with the Asian Markets address is the key to making a qualitative leap” – explains the Scientific Director Angelo Manaresi.


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