Lavinia Biancalani, Executive Master in Sustainability and Business Innovation

24 May 2021

Lavinia, founder, and owner of, believes in lifelong learning as a tool to interpret our age and she chose BBS for its interdisciplinary approach and its lively and vibrant Community, which can provide concrete networking opportunities. In this article Lavinia tells us her story as entrepreneur and participant in the Executive Master in Sustainability and Business Innovation, the only program in Italy tackling sustainability and social innovation topics at a strategic level.

After some experiences in the textile-clothing sector, when I was very young, which led me to do important internships in New York and London, in 2011 I specialized in Fashion Business at the Istituto Marangoni, where I returned as an instructor in 2019.

I’m passionate about social networks and new media, so in 2013 I started my blog The Style Pusher as a journal of my passions, ranging from the world of beauty to fashion, passing through music. Over the two subsequent years, the blog became an independent publishing project, a webzine with an editorial staff, open to external contributors. This is how I realized that all-round “contents” – videos, photos, graphical contents – were a great business opportunity for us and I decided to aggregate around me a team of professionals to deal with the production of contents for the magazine and the social networks. The request from the brands for an approach similar to digital communication led me to transform this insight into a new challenge. This is how The Style Pusher, as we know it today, was born: an all-round creative agency and production company dedicated to the world of digital communication. Two years later, being aware of the importance of nurturing talents, I decided to create the TSP Management division devoted to the promotion of the network of professionals that are part of the team. We work with brands from different sectors in particular fashion, beauty, and music. We work on digital strategies, production of campaigns, contents, and formats. 

The upgrade path I chose with BBS comes from the intention of developing our company into a company that can support its partners in grasping and managing the challenges of the future, for which sustainability, values and purpose will be at the center of all brands’ communication. I strongly believe in the concept of lifelong learning experience as an essential tool to face the age of changes, at times very complex, in which we find ourselves living. I was pushed by a strong curiosity and personal motivation towards specific and fundamental topics such as sustainability and innovation, therefore I decided to resume my studies and attend the Master’s in Sustainability and Business Innovation. I’ve been dealing with Communication for the past 10 years and my professional pathway is the emblem of the society of change, I’m a hybrid figure with specific skills and an across-the-board knowledge of the sector. I keep constantly updated as I’m aware that my pathway can represent a growth and change opportunity for me and my company. The new, big challenge for those who deal with communication resides in the ability to grasp the urgency and the complexity of a topic, sustainability, which needs to be communicated with competence and simplicity at the same time. I’d like to contribute to the spreading of the culture of sustainability leading the brands to develop relevant projects. 

The interdisciplinary approach that integrates different teaching activities and methodologies is ideal for those who work. Another strength of this Master’s is its structure, which provides for courses which help you consolidate the fundamental knowledge of management together with specialistic courses, as well as the combination of the two, which allows you to do business finding a balance between typical managerial approaches and the methods more strictly associated with the world of sustainability. Of great interest are also the focus sessions and the leader’s corners which allow for a direct exchange of views with professionals and industry experts. Listening to the experiences of innovating managers is a great opportunity and a spur to think big. 

 Of the Community that revolves around BBS I definitely appreciate the possibility of networking, sharing, and growing together, also listening to the testimonials of ex participants in the masters’ or meeting divided into interest groups. This enables you not only to form relationships that have the potential of becoming business opportunities but also simply to foster the exchange of views, questioning one’s own attitude to business, finding new ideas and inputs. Also, the thematic events are a great opportunity, they facilitate the implementation of specific projects within the companies. This is to say that of course I appreciate BBS’ educational offering, but also its Community, because it allows to keep the exchange of views alive and to do networking, avoiding the issue where everyone fends for themselves with their own daily challenges and encouraging us to cultivate the ambition to improve our business all-round.


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