Brand Reputation is #social. From Coop Italia to Automobili Lamborghini

28 November 2016

Two cases compared that highlighted the importance of social networks in building a brand reputation. BBS provides professionals working within the digital field in a specialized course in Social Media Marketing, aware that today no-one can renounce to handle this challenge.

It is not enough to be good users, it is important to put in place communication strategy that go hand in hand with the business. Besides, the most populated place in the world is Facebook, with 1.71 billion active users per month.

“The company must be social. The millennials represent more than 50% of the labor force “- were the first words of  Chiara Sonaglioni, Employer Branding, Recruiting and People Development – Automobili Lamborghini.

In the last year we hired more than 150 new talents. We recruited many of them through Meritocracy with several recruiting campaigns. “We’re dealing with the digital natives, those who are always connected. Youngsters looking for a job that shares their same values. They seek a community within the company. “

People are no longer connected through meetings, but through social. It is not important to be in the same place, in the same country, it is important to always be connected.

Chiara has concluded her presentation by encouraging participants to make appropriate use of their social profiles, since the HR Mnager companies today take it into account in the selection procedure.


Alessandro Serra, Head of Communications, shared the case of  Coop ItaliaA very complex and fragmented reality that in the recent years has had to rebuild its brand reputation.

Il supermercato del futuro has been the breakthrough event for the company. “We have overturned the old concept of supermarket and transformed it into a sensory experience. An abysmal change for a company like ours. “- Says Alessandro -” Coop is there and talks to the young people.” This was the biggest challenge and we did it with a good digital strategy. Our twitter profile exploded. We entered the Top rankings and we had to manage the change.

An ongoing plan that sees in digital assets its major focus. Investment in social advertising has become essential to get the communication messages delivered.
The new positioning and the new Coop language is seen also in the new video that we are sponsoring.
As for example this one.  “A casa con Coop.”



Davide Maggi, Founder Nimai and Director of the Social Media Marketing course, concludes the event with an overview and some advice on how to handle these instruments.

Of a total of 6 billion investment in advertising, today the digital has reached 21.6 million Italians and the data from Mobile touch 17.5 million users (+ 6.5%) with 71.5% of the total time spent online on the move.
It has gone from an initial phase of BRANDING, moving through the phase of ENGAGEMENT to get to the third, decisive phase of ACQUISITION = i.e. after all the activities that I have done, all the users I ave reached and involved how many of them have bought my product?
There are two questions asked by Davide that arouse more interest:
– What are the contents that work the most? The well planned videos.
– What should be taken into account by a good strategy? It must have a good mix of QUALITY ‘content and excellent PLANNING.
Definitely a very interesting event that made us reflect on the real importance of these instruments and how they decisively influence  the new generations.

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