Kelvin Martey, Global MBA Innovation Management: “at BBS I understood the importance of a team”

14 June 2019

My name is Kelvin Martey, I come from Ghana and during the BBS Global MBA Innovation Management I had the opportunity to take part in the first Bologna Business School Entrepreneurship Week, a week of events and academic conferences entirely dedicated to entrepreneurial culture.

Seven intense days that have made BBS a concentrated ideas, thanks to the exchange of experiences of researchers, editors and entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow, who have shared with the public the new possible scenarios related to business, business risk, innovation and research.

Among the events of the Entrepreneurship Week, the academic conference The Future of Conducting and Publishing Research in Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Strategy, a moment of exchange at Villa Guastavillani with the editors of 15 prestigious international magazines, who examined 20 articles by young researchers from all over the world concerning business sciences and entrepreneurship. An open discussion with graduate students and professors who analyzed the management of technology and business strategy on the one hand, and social issues such as environmental sustainability, welfare and distribution of wealth on the other. Among the issues addressed, particular attention was paid to the integration of people with mental disorders in the managerial positions of companies.

The event was one of the many moments of side learning to which we were able to participate as students of the Global MBA in Innovation Management, a program I chose to integrate my previous technical background with more specific business and managerial training.

I have always been passionate about technology and I believe that progress requires engineers and technical professionals with a strong business sense and a strong management ability. After working as a commercial in an engineering company for almost 4 years, I decided to undertake a course of study that would allow me to increase my business and managerial skills.

So, when I tried to find out which Master was for me, I opted for what I’ve always felt as a sort of ‘second home’: Italy has always fascinated me and BBS immediately proved to be the right choice thanks to a multicultural environment.

In the past I had already worked with people of different nationalities, but sharing a whole academic year with colleagues from 30 countries has been for me the most valuable experience I have had at BBS. The opportunity to work with and learn from and about different nationalities has greatly developed my cultural awareness. My experience at BBS has definitely prepared me to be able to thrive in a multicultural environment and has significantly increased my so-called ‘soft skills’: as well thanks to an International Faculty, professionals from Italy, Denmark, United States, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Israel and many others countries.

One of the most important things I have learned during the Global MBA was certainly an all-round approach to how to manage a company, which goes beyond single functions, in order to acquire a vision from above that integrates the different roles and different responsibilities. The MBA program has provided me with a high level appreciation and understanding of all parts of a typical organization: for this reason I advise all future students not to be shy and not to be afraid to raise their hands: in BBS professors, staff and classmates constitute a real community.

After all, as entrepreneur Henry Ford said: “getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success”.


Kelvin Martey – Ghana

Global MBA Innovation Management – Class of 2018/2019





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